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  1. 53 minutes ago, LetsGo said:

    We are rewarding teams that schedule soft… great job FHSAA… 

    That's exactly what it is. Where they have Lakeland, Seminole and Osceola placed is wild especially with the teams they have ahead of them. Even the SOS doesn't make sense with the placement of teams.

  2. Just now, goblu said:

    St. Frances isn't a member of any conference, league or state athletic association.  Since they don't play under any governing body there is no one to declare the players ineligible or to declare a forfeit.  If you schedule them you have no idea what you're getting.  As for the players it's easy to check that they were class of 2022 at their previous schools.

    Still wondering why there wasn't a post-game handshake.

    That's on the governing associations they are approved to play against. Also don't FHSAA backed schools have to play teams that are governed by a conference, league or association?

    There probably wasn't a handshake due to some possible tension or just a mutual agreement. Who knows. 

    I know when SFA played Desoto there wasn't a post game handshake due to extreme disrespect on behalf of Desoto. Also. Desoto didn't even attempt to line up for post game handshakes when SFA started to line up at the 50. Desoto just walked off the field. 

  3. On 9/26/2022 at 5:21 PM, goblu said:

    For whatever reason, this rule is widely misinterpreted or unfamiliar to many.  It doesn't matter if the student started, doesn't matter if they were on varsity, doesn't matter if they participated at all.  Once you enter 9th grade you have 8 consecutive semesters of athletic eligibility.  Anyone who entered 9th grade in 2018, as these players did, is no longer eligible to participate in high school sports.

    Again if this info is easily accessible then I'm sure every team and association that approved to schedule them knows which would forfeit their season. Or maybe they weren't in 9th grade in 2018. Not saying they were or weren't, just haven't seen any information verifying these claims. Either way the game was played and the outcome came out to be what it clearly should have been, just less of a point differential. 

    I'm just curious to know, if the outcome was different and Venice won, would those claims still be put out there?

  4. 38 minutes ago, Ray Icaza said:

    One would assume a high profile game like this would have video, but I am also having trouble finding any.

    Yea usually there's full game or highlights the very next day if not sooner. All I could find was a pregame show and I'm not sure if Varsity Sports Network covered it. I'm sure they would so I'll check there unless they covered the Jesuit vs Armwood game instead for that area.

  5. 19 hours ago, Supernatural said:

    I was at the game last night. Central just on another level than Dillard. Game could have easily been 28-7 at halftime central way if #10 from central would not have dropped those 2 deep bombs. Dillard did fumble on the goal line but they got down there after a questionable personal foul call when central hurt #6 from Dillard. 

    Check out PMO Sports highlights from this game on YouTube. Well the speech the Central LB coach gave before the game. Gave me chills and I know definitely had his grouped hyped and ready to shut everything down. I know it had me ready lol. But yes that speech was definitely a precursor to the tone they were gonna set....especially when it came to #6 of Dillard.

  6. 9 hours ago, goblu said:

    By-laws of the Florida High School Athletic Association, Inc. 2022-23 Edition

    9.5 LIMIT OF ELIGIBILITY 9.5.1 High School Student Has Eight Semesters of Eligibility. A student is limited to eight consecutive semesters of eligibility beginning with semester he/she begins ninth grade for the first time. This does not imply that the student has eight semesters of participation. After eight consecutive semesters, the student is permanently ineligible.

    All entered 9th grade in 2018.  Their athletic eligibility has expired.  All previously attended other high schools: Bishop McNamara, St. Vincent Pallotti, Frederick Douglas.  Not sure how they're participating in a high school game in 2022.

    Well at the end of the day the game was still played. Even with bad calls the outcome wasn't different than what it would've been if those calls weren't called. 

    Whether those players are indeed ineligible I'm sure something will come of it. Til then I can't say that's the case or not because I don't know and haven't seen any evidence stating other wise. 

    Having 5 year starters doesn't necessarily give a team an advantage other than experience if that player got significant playing time all 5 years.

    But again at the end of the day the game was scheduled, contracts signed, and I'm sure research was done on the team prior as well.

  7. 26 minutes ago, FBGUY1989 said:

    I was there in person and I don't believe weather had anything to do with it. For starters Central defense was playing lights out

    Most definitely. Wasn't weather at all. Central was making plays all over the field on the ground, threw the air and on defense all during the down pour.

  8. 17 hours ago, Ray Icaza said:

    Very surprised with the outcome of the Venice - Seminole game.  Will have to view this game tomorrow to see if the refs put their thumb on the scale of justice again.   Playing in their friendly confines, it is always a possibility.  Truly wished I didn't think this way and hope I am all wet after I get to watch the whole game. 

    Just saw the scorestream for this game looks like Venice scored 17 unanswered points to get the come from behind win.

  9. 17 hours ago, Ray Icaza said:

    Pretty one-side win as self inflicted wounds (penalties), muffed punt, INT, etc..  probably kept another 14 points off the board.  Was confident we would probably earn another win tonight because of our physical advantage on both OL and DL, that proving to be the big difference.  They had trouble blocking our front all night which eventually led to frustration on their part causing unsportsmanlike conduct at the end of the ballgame which I was hoping wouldn't turn ugly.  Another dominant game for John Walker (DL) as he has recorded over 30 tackles in the first 3 games against top teams.  Don't know his numbers tonight, but they were huge again. 

    Congrats on the win. Y'all definitely showed that y'all are still one of the top teams in Central Florida. Very well could've been undefeated right now. I didn't finish watching the game yet but from what I saw, y'all were having y'all way with Rockledge in every aspect of the game. Y'all line looked huge compared to Rocklrdge's. A lot of fans were upset saying the playcalling was too conservative in the game but honestly I don't see it that way. In order to open up the playbook they would have to get things rolling first and they simply didn't have an answer and couldn't adjust. They were faced with their first real test and adversity and folded. I'm sure the Cocoa players that transferred to Rock thought it would be the same type of game as it was when they played y'all for Cocoa. Not so much lol. But again great win and good showing last night. 

    Rockledge should definitely learn from this game as they have another test on the road next week against Manatee. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, Ray Icaza said:

    Looks like the Rock got a heavy dose of reality.  They have some shifty elusive backs that managed to make a few positive plays but overall it wasn't as close as the score.  Not a criticism of the refs but we did rack up probably 200 yards in penalties keeping the few drives they had alive, but for a team that has been averaging about 40 points a game they scored "0" on that D.   Their only score was a tipped pass that they managed to secure and run in from about 15 yards out.  The ball also bounced their way most of the night as they fumbled 4 times but only loss one.  They will continue having trouble against bigger athletic teams as they are truly undersized with only a couple of exceptions.

    Thanks for the update. Looks like they definitely got a major dose of reality and they still have 3 tough games left in Eau Gallie, Manatee and Cocoa. I still feel like they will edge out Eau Gallie, but this game is definitely an eye opener.

  11. 1 minute ago, Ray Icaza said:

    Just got home and the score didn't reflect the dominance. 

    Definitely looking forward to your breakdown of the game. Didn't get to catch it live but once I heard the score update of 21 to 0 during the Cocoa game I had feeling Rockledge may have got exposed. Really thought that game would be a lot closer with the way Rockledge was playing as a team. The past 4 weeks

  12. Rockledge gets handled easily by Osceola with a score of 30 to 7. Their lone score came on a pick 6. Not sure if @Ray Icaza attended but I will watch the replay on space Coast daily. But from the box score Osceola completely dominated.

    Merritt Island started the Jesuit transfer Knight and ended up losing to winless Heritage (now 1-4) 20 to 6.


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