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  1. If the kids have had at least one practice with the team since July 31st, aren't they not allowed to transfer at this point? It sucks for the kids. I'd agree that they'd have to promote from within at this point.
  2. Coaches on transfers in PBC

    This transfer thing is absolutely absurd. The biggest reason is that I feel it destroys what a team is supposed to be. I work and coach at a school that is great academically and okay athletically. We’re usually ok in football but good in other sports like weightlifting and track. We’ve had kids leave in the summer to play football at other schools then transfer back after the season to lift with our coach or run on the track team. I don’t know how that can happen or any reason why it should happen. I understand that some people do transfer for the “right” reasons. People move, parents get jobs, etc. But this is crazy to me. One of the worst parts is that the mentality created by things like we’re seeing is that you can just hop around between places and kids are going to learn the hard way that the real world doesn’t work like that.
  3. Statewide 7v7 tournament

    As a coach, you get way more benefits from Day One. You’re guaranteed six games as opposed to one the second day. As others have said, sometimes it’s just not worth it to rally the troops for what could be one game.
  4. Are Spring Games Necessary?

    I think that a Spring Game is a must if you're going to give kids spring practice. It's hard to go out there and give them practices for 20 days if there's no game at the end of the month. Do I think the game itself is valuable? Maybe if you have a new coaching staff or a new group of kids at valuable positions. Overall, I'd say probably not. Most have altered rules or are in a jamboree format. As a coach, I do love having that time to help prepare kids too. I wouldn't trade those at all.
  5. Coaches & Texting - What Do You Think?

    I’m a teacher and a coach. I use Remind and leave the two-way option on because I don’t answer my email after I leave work. Sometimes kids have a quick question so I am able to respond and that’s that. I don’t use it to just “chat” with my students. Same with my players. We have a Remind group and it is just a way to keep everyone organized. I have the two-way feature on but don’t use it just to chat.
  6. Disney event 2019

    I think the problem with this becomes teams not wanting to lose the gate money. Disney will take a cut. So, if I am an Osceola, Dr. Phillips, Mainland, etc, why would I want to go to a smaller venue and get less money when I can play a home and home with a team and make more for the program? I'd have to imagine that's got to be at least part of the reason Florida v Florida isn't likely unless it's like a school from Miami vs. Jacksonville or something like that.
  7. Macclenny announces

    I know Osceola County doesn't let you have both jobs at once. Regardless, Baker County got themselves a pretty good football coach. That guy had Viera humming before he left.
  8. Macclenny announces

    Ah. Thanks. Learn something new every day...
  9. Macclenny announces

    I think Baker County is one of the schools that ties the Head Football job to the AD job. It's one of the best-paying jobs in the state from what I can find.
  10. Thoughts about HS Bowl Games

    I always like more football, but I don't know how many kids would get hyped up for a Bowl Game. The whole idea of football season is to play well enough to make the playoffs and have a shot at the State title. I think once kids realize they're out of contention for that, some (ie seniors who have no real reason to play anymore) won't take the situation seriously. I do like the idea for teams that don't have a chance at the playoffs (maybe even allow teams that are 5-5 or 4-6 to participate) and getting local sponsors. Could be fun if done the right way.
  11. Head Coach Supplements

    I know in my county, neither head nor assistant coaches get a dime for any off-season stuff. We don't do it for money, but man...some more wouldn't suck haha.
  12. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    What happened at Williston? Thought that job got filled already?
  13. FHSAA let football teams move

    I feel like there was an idea floated not long ago about having almost like a D-1, D-2, and D-3 group of teams (I may be incorrect so don't beat me up too badly haha). But, the idea I remember was something along the lines of having like 120 of the best, top-tier teams in one "conference" in order to make a State Champion have to go through elite talent. Then, another conference of a similar number of schools that would allow them to play for state titles too. If you want to get rid of mediocrity, something like that would be a way because more schools could claim a title. It gives more teams something to play for, which should help drive numbers because kids feel like they could have an award for their time. Am I crazy or did that idea actually exist somewhere? That being said, I can see a scenario where kids still want to transfer to the top tier programs because every kid is D-1 now.
  14. Who Is Deeper in 8A, South Florida or Orlando?

    I am from the Orlando area and I personally think there are is a lot of good football up here. With that said, I think that in South Florida, there is just so much depth and talent that it's hard to say Orlando has "caught up." On top of the powerhouses in 8A, Miami-Dade and Broward have a ton of great teams in 7A and even 6A that can go toe-to-toe with anybody in the state. Outside of 8A, the Orlando area doesn't have the depth that South Florida has.
  15. Technically a kid could play 4 then 4, but they'd have to sit out varsity time the prior week.
  16. Georgia has a 6-quarter rule and it starts on Friday. So, if a kid doesn’t play at all on Friday night they can play a full Freshman/JV game the following week. I can see it being a pain, but your Friday night kids aren’t likely to play JV ball on a Thursday unless they’re like third-teamers. Keeping track of it sounds like a nightmare though...
  17. County by County football programs

    Tohopekaliga HS in Osceola County
  18. For a county with as many schools as Broward, this was kind of shocking to me. It makes sense that such a large number of schools would be historically mediocre though. And, that number is all relative. I live in Osceola County (I know...when you think FL powerhouses, you think Osceola County). But, it’s a similar story here. Other than Kissimmee Osceola, this county has been bad at football. Harmony had a deep playoff run about a decade or so ago. Other than that, you have St. Cloud (mediocre) and Gateway (mediocre) as the other schools that have been around a while. Then juggernauts like Poinciana, Liberty, Celebration, etc. I’d be interested to see if other big counties have the same issue as Broward. I would imagine so. You brought up and interesting topic though. I wonder which county is the most mediocre haha
  19. Transfer season

    In all honesty, I think the reason so many kids do this is because they know that it’s the only chance they have to do it. How many high school kids get that big “decision” moment? Only a handful. This lets kids feel special. With that said, I can’t believe how soft society has gotten that we allow kids to do things like that. I mean, it’s ridiculous. Thank you, State of Florida, for showing kids that you’re allowed to just up and tweet your way out of any situation that you don’t like. Should serve these kids well...
  20. Apopka Coach on the Move?

    I was talking to a friend about this last night. If Darlington takes a few of his staff members with him, this job could be a trap. With Wekiva becoming more of a big-time player, a brand new staff could lead to some kids leaving. I'm not saying that will happen because I have no idea about the specifics. I do think that will be something to keep an eye on once "transfer season" starts though.
  21. Apopka Coach on the Move?

    This one is official. Ad posted for Apopka HC job on the FHSAA website. I've gotten to spend some time with Coach D over the last year. Great ball coach but a great mentor. Big shoes to fill for someone up at Apopka...
  22. Track vs Football

    I have coached both football and track for several years. In the short distance events, especially the 100 or 200m, there is so much technique involved that it doesn't really translate to a football field. However, I think it helps train kids to move full speed. They see what top-end looks and feels like, and that can help on the football field. Personally? I've always thought kids get faster with the offseason (December-August) strength program. I've always believed weights = muscles and muscles help you move faster.
  23. Hypocrisy in the point/playoff system!!

    Here's my argument against that. I was born in Sunrise and I'm a diehard Miami Dolphins fan. Let's pretend the NFL season was 4 games long. Miami was 3-0 playing the 1-2 NE Patriots a few weeks back. Miami got throttled. At the time, Miami was then 3-1 and NE 2-2. Which team was better? Which team would deserve to be in the playoffs? I'd say NE even with the worse record. In HS football, coaches can manipulate their schedules to get 8 or 9 wins against worse competition. A good record isn't necessarily the mark of a great team. Testing yourself against stiff competition and going toe-to-toe with the "big boys" is what makes you playoff-ready. I would gladly rather see a 5-5 team that played a legit schedule in the playoffs over a 9-1 team that beat up on weak competition. Those teams tend to be one and done anyway.
  24. FloridaHSFootball.com Week 10 Pickems

    Flagler Palm Coast (7-2) at Mandarin (5-3) (Thursday) Raines (7-1) at Lincoln (6-2) (Thursday) No. 1 Carol City (8-0) vs. No. 2 Miami Central (8-1) South Dade (7-1) vs. Miami Southridge (6-2) Cocoa (6-2) at Pahokee (5-4) Barron Collier (7-1) at Naples (7-1) Apopka (6-2) at Wekiva (7-1) Gulf Breeze (7-1) at Navarre (7-1) Tampa Bay Tech (7-1) at Plant City (8-1) Clearwater Central Catholic (9-0) at Cardinal Mooney (8-0)
  25. From what I understand, a lot of these big stadiums are funded by taxes the residents of these communities. And the residents do this because they want them. The people in charge of these districts just shrug their shoulders and say "If that's how the people want to spend their money, let them." I can't imagine anything like this ever happening in Florida. Thank goodness, too, because if I had to lose my job because the District blew all of our cash and realized after the fact that they couldn't afford it I would go crazy. I feel for the people who lost jobs because of this. And, of course, the kids. They'll end up suffering for it too.