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  1. It would be similar for sure. But your plan is cutting a bunch of teams as it is. I think doing regional/state declarations annually (teams must make a decision by a hard deadline like March 1st) would give the FHSAA plenty of time to adjust districts. If they stay under the FHSAA umbrella, Regional Champions/Regional teams would also already be reporting all the same data/forms to the FHSAA so it wouldn't be a difficult change (theoretically). Again, giving kids a way to compete and participate is the whole point of high school sports - not to "make the best possible state championship matchups." It seems like the mindset of some people is to only care about the powerhouses and the little guy can just sort of go away. And we wonder why kids/coaches/etc are leaving/quitting the sport.
  2. I think the better option would be for teams to have more freedom to create regional leagues on their own. They could still be part of the FHSAA "umbrella," but kids could still play 11-man football. I would propose a plan where teams opt-in annually and you have a "State Series" and a "Regional Series." You can't win a State Championship if you're in a FHSAA Region, but you can still give kids a tangible prize to work for every year. So, those teams you proposed could make up three "regions" and still play 11 man football. No reason to go to 8-man
  3. I know there are a lot of coaches/former coaches on this board that may think otherwise about this "fantastic" idea. Some of you guys treat HS football like the end-all/be-all of the high school experience. I don't tend to be combative simply because there's no point in getting into a pissing contest through a message board, but this is actually a terrible take. The system is broken. It will always be broken. When they fix it, it will break again. But some of you treat HS football in Florida like it needs to be run like the NFL. There will always be schools with more resources, history, success than others; lumping teams and programs together and saying "you're not good enough" is insane to me.
  4. Maybe I misread..or misheard…but I thought they were told they couldn’t go independent. I think it was a decision made above the school level. But again, that could just be speculation. Regardless, seeing a team get beat 80-0 is tough. I think it was a few years ago that Gulf High seemed like a team that opponents tried to outdo each other against. It was like their schedule was like 48-0, 49-0, 55-0, 62-0…I hope these guys don’t have to deal with a season like that over at Palm Beach Lakes
  5. I think in some of the Metro counties, the decision is out of the hands of schools. I thought I read on a board somewhere that the two new schools near Orlando last year HAD to play district schedules. Could be the same in other big areas as well. Or not...I'm not super familiar with things outside of my Osceola County-area bubble
  6. There’s no way to replace a guy like Bird. That being said, I’ll be curious to see how his successor does. Tribit is a guy who has been around Osceola County for a while now. He’s walking into a hell of a good situation.
  7. I have seen some Polk County rumors that he is taking a job at the college level, but I cannot be sure about how accurate rumors are.
  8. Yeah…I see your point. I’m just sure there are ways to do it. Maybe the teams could submit their schedules to the state or a regional point of contact to get approval or something. I’m not positive but I think the bigger counties make teams drop games if they don’t have enough county teams on their schedule (I think Orange County does that, and Hillsborough County schedules go through the county AD). I’m sure that could happen, at the very least, at a regional level. Just spitballing ideas haha
  9. I’m not familiar with that area as far as high schools go, but I’d assume the big changes would be the sheer number of schools in Florida. How many high schools were there in the 90’s compared to the number playing in the FHSAA today (not to mention independent schools). Most schools are much closer. Obviously 2 and three team districts aren’t ideal, but limiting classes doesn’t help. The best solution right now is to abolish districts altogether and make everything based on a regional record. Top 8 teams make the playoffs. No “1-9 district champs”, and teams can schedule who they want. Make a requirement of like 6 region games and then let teams play new opponents each year.
  10. One of the Top-1 most ridiculous takes ever, in my opinion. Cocoa ducking EG? . I would imagine the game eventually gets moved to accommodate Cocoa playing on ESPNU.
  11. I agree that there may be issues with the system, but, at the end of the day, we're talking about high school kids, man. You can hate the FHSAA...hate the ADs...but the kids have are just going out and playing games against the teams on their schedule. The good Suburban teams will still be good, the bad Metro teams will still be bad. Nothing changes on that end. The biggest complaints I hear seem to be from the Metro teams anyway because they have to go through each other now instead of being split up into 8 classes. Will teams like Lakeland, Osceola, Mainland, etc that have had a tough time getting over the hump benefit? Yes. But ultimately, I don't think I'd call any State Championship a "Fake" State Championship.
  12. Miami is having a great off-season, and they’re running away from everyone else. McDaniel is doing everything that Flores should have done, which is build around what Tua CAN do.
  13. A good Athletic Director will handle all of the things that coaches don't typically deal with (as was said: busses/ticket takers/refs, eligibility questions, support the programs on campus, etc.). The Coach also has a responsibility to communicate effectively with their AD and, likewise, the AD needs to communicate effectively with his or her coaches. Should questions arise, it is on both of you guys to come up with the best solution for your players. That solution may look different school-to-school or county-to-county. At the end of the day, your job is to lead your team within the parameters set by AD/Admin. If there's a specific issue, you should have a close enough relationship to speak about it without stepping on each other's toes.
  14. I feel like this process has been an absolute dumpster fire from the start, but yesterday has made this thing feel like an absolute joke. The guy who is retiring (yet also has a significant amount of sway) comes out against this spilt a week before they’re supposed to meet. Meanwhile, Coaches have no idea what will happen, what districts will look like, etc. The FHSAA should be embarrassed by this whole thing because, when it doesn’t pass, there will be another month or so that goes by before districts get released. Hopefully they’ll be announced before Spring Football
  15. I was under the impression that the vote will happen at the board meeting at the end of the month. It has passed both committees it has been through so far and hasn’t heard of another vote as of yet.
  16. I will be curious to see what happens with Toho down in Osceola County. They got a new Head Coach (Anthony Paradiso from Lake Nona) who has a lot of history getting kids into big time programs. They could be a school that starts to pull some talent around Osceola County too.
  17. Yikes! I genuinely don’t know what else to say about that…
  18. Didn't Leto lose like 40-something in a row too? I know they didn't win a game on the field for like 6 years but had a forfeit sprinkled in there.
  19. I honestly think that, once this is said and done, you may have a lot more teams opting to go Independent or try to form another league, sort of like the talk that came out of South Florida schools during the COVID craziness of 2020. I wouldn't blame a lot of places. I've seen a few different, yet similar, projections. In my area, why would a school like East River want to be in a District with Wekiva, Edgewater AND Jones? Or why would the two new programs in Orlando want to be with Bishop Moore, Lake Highland Prep and Windermere Prep? When will two new programs be able to compete with three private schools? There's obviously more examples in the Suburban Plan too. One projection I saw had George Jenkins in Polk County with Lakeland, Lake Gibson, Kathleen and Bartow. I would not be surprised to see a large group of teams just opt to do their own thing.
  20. I like that idea. There has to be a way to make it more level across the board. I would break the state into the Rural/1A class, then 5 others: 5A - Teams who have made the playoffs for the last 4 years in a row, split into districts (or regions) 4A - 3 out of 4 years... 3A - 2 out of 4 years... 2A - 1 berth in the last four years... 1A - everyone else, they play an open, regional-style schedule, top 6 make it like current 1-4A. Some classes would be bigger/smaller than others, but teams could move up and down easily, especially if all classes have a regional schedule/reclassification is done annually. And, while you wouldn't have districts, there would be a "6 region game requirement" but they can be any week. Or something like that. Anything is better than grouping schools by population and proximity because some schools will NEVER have a chance to compete. Also, the kids (who this is supposed to be about) don't care who they play. They just want to play ball. Why is it so complicated lol
  21. Because of the talk about breaking classifications into Metro/Suburban, a lot of schedules won’t be finished until teams get their districts from the FHSAA. Most should have their non-district weeks just about filled
  22. From what I understand, as long as the coach wasn't the head coach, then it's not really an issue. I, personally, don't think that should be the case, but that's the way I've heard it explained to me
  23. Coach

    Padded Stats

    The QB’s dad is like the HC or OC on that team. I was just in the stands, but it’s a bad look for a brand new school if the coach is just going to lie. Especially if it’s unchecked. I’m sure other teams are/will be following their lead
  24. Coach

    Padded Stats

    Like I said…seems absolutely ridiculous. Going to a newspaper to make claims that are false makes coaches look like clowns. I’ve seen a lot of blowouts. But to score 6 times yet amass 517 passing yards in a half? An average of 87 passing yards per drive? Makes me wonder…
  25. Coach

    Padded Stats

    If a coach is willing to go to a media outlet and say that, I’m curious how many other games he did that with. I am sure a lot of other teams do it too. I just wish there was some way to verify things like stats because coaches will do things like that guy at Davenport as long as there’s no way to verify it. Anyone else have anything they’ve seen that looks completely outlandish?
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