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  1. It’s all good... should have known that was going to happen. I’m sure Coach Springs will have our guys back in this game next year... hopefully we’ll figure out how to be balanced on offense between now and then or it’ll be another ass kicking. Defense never had a chance with 6 three and outs to start the game. Good luck the rest of the way.
  2. 42 is a pretty high number. Why don’t we just fire up the grills and say Niceville will hang a 50 burger on the Island?
  3. Wow. “Handle them”.... They sure didn’t do that.... you’re probably a week early on predicting a handling of Fleming Island but Idk we’ll find out on Friday.
  4. Just imagine how good this team will be when they put two halves together. They were up 27-6 at the half. This team is as good as we’ve had in a long time. Tonight they showed glimpses of that. Coach Springs and this staff have a long way to go with this team but this is gonna be a fun year to watch.
  5. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a clown.
  6. We’re better than we’ve been in quite some time. A lot better.
  7. I just don’t understand why we got FPC on there and not FI when our Varsity Starters beat them 21-14 but what do I know.
  8. Anyone who puts out a top 10 football teams in North Florida and doesn’t have Fleming Island on it is a joke. Take that to the bank.
  9. I think you find out more about the direction of a program in the second year versus the first year. Just as a new coach shouldn’t have to take the blame for losses if they have taken over a program that was in disarray prior to their arrival. I think the same logic should be applied when evaluating a coach who wins in their first year that they arrive when they take over a program that was successful prior to them being a head coach.
  10. It’s Clay County not Duval. When you go from being as good as they were under Coach Chip to as bad as they have been the past two years. I don’t find it that shocking. That school should be competing for District Champs and Region Champs with the kind of talent that is over there.
  11. The AD said the school wants to go in a different direction, per Justin Barney of the Times Union
  12. Add Oakleaf to the list.
  13. Golden Eagles down 14 in the first possession of the second half. Bartram Trail has the ball on its own 29 it's 4th & 12. Most teams punt the ball. Most teams respect the other team's offense enough to punt the ball there. Not Bartram Trail. I wouldn't have punted the ball knowing how bad Fleming Island's offense is either. A few plays later Joey Gatewood finds Xavier Hutchinson in the endzone. We go down 21. Game over. Next year they'll either punt the ball, or they are going to pay for it. And that's going to happen because Coach Spring's and this coaching staff are going to prepare this team to be feared on offense. Congrats to the guys on this team though. They fought hard and did everything they could to get the Golden Eagles to be in the position they were in last night. Really proud of these guys for getting this program back on track. This was a special group of seniors and they will be missed.
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