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    • Scores often don't tell the tale. For while it is obvious that both VB and DB are pretty strong teams that destroy average teams (Boca), what matters probably more are the match-ups. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each team? I have seen VB on film so I have a pretty good idea of VB's strengths and weaknesses. I have not seen DB either on film or live. I do know that they have their fair share of college talent, but I am unsure as to how they are as a team. VB has one big advantage: being at home. It probably will be a close game; but to be honest, I would not be surprised if one team pulls away and wins comfortably. I don't pretend to know which team will do so. 
    • If a team is 5 or 6 not a district champ but one of the better teams.  How many of those 5 or 6 seeds are facing the team that won the district they were in?  
    • We haven't played them for a long time. Today's Deerfield Beach  team has only one common opponent, Boca Raton. Deerfield beat Boca 49-6 and Vero beat Boca 42-7. So it should be a close game.
    • Funny thing is I WANT Dillard to win!!!!  I don’t want any Florida team who lost to an OOS team to win state! Lmao!!  Lets go Panthers!!!! Paws up!!!!
    • I already know fam Good thing the games isn’t won on the message boards lol. He’s the same one that said we would have a 6-4 season (7-3) at best lol. 
        but you know what darter all jokes aside this season has been so historic and so awesome even if Dillard did lose Friday this season was still a Huge stepping stone for Dillard undefeated made it to the regional finals for the first time since 01 and played for the right to go to states not many teams can say that about their team this year or in general. But Dillard Can Which means their obviously a contender. long as Dillard give their all Friday I’m okay with whatever the result is ...I just feel that Dillard’s best will win them this game. We will see Friday night.
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