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    • Slow down buddy. Covid-19 not going to hit like that.  Teams are being smart. 
    • I think kickoffs will get phased out too. Player safety is always going to be the most important thing in high school sports - as it ought to be. As for kicking extra points, I can't imagine a scenario where they move the ball back or anything right now. Some schools have teams who can't even line-up a field goal unit, let alone get a kid who can kick the ball accurately from 25-30 yards out. I just think it would help the better programs and hurt the worse ones disproportionately. But, I could also just be an old, crazy guy.
    • I agree with you guys on the kickoffs.   Given the emphasis on safety, and the propensity for injury on kickoffs, I see them doing away with kickoffs before they change the rule to allow kicks into the end zone to be returned . . . but I don't see them doing away with kickoffs any time soon -- in large part because no one has really come up with an acceptable replacement for the onside kick as a means of trying to get the ball back after scoring a late TD in a close game.  As for extra points, it's only automatic if you have a good kicker, a decent long-snapper and a decent holder.  I've seen several extra points missed already this year (more so at the JV level, but also at the V level).  Kicking for extra points isn't that common in youth leagues; typically, you don't see kicking until high school.   Kicking for extra points is a good training ground and a great way to develop the kickers, the holders and the long-snappers . . . you know, those guys that you then count on to walk out onto the field and produce a game-winning 35-yard FG. 
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