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    • Also, The Flu only kills about 35,000 people a year in the US. 2 years ago we had the highest total in 40 years and hit the 70,000 people keep using.  That is double the norm.   Broward superintendent came out right away after mandate and said starting 5 days a week isn't likely in Broward.  As for football, Broward just pushed back summer workouts again to the 20th.  That is likely to be moved as well.  If the FHSAA really pushes forward with the start of the season on time or even back 2 weeks don't be surprised if South Florida (outside of maybe large private schools) pulls out of FHSAA and does their own thing this year. It has been discussed.
    • Was a starter for the Seminoles. Won over 150 games as a head coach in FL. Appeared with 3 different teams in a state final, 2 as a head coach and 1 as an assistant coach. Took over as hc at one central FL team and led them to a state title in 7 years. Took over as hc at a north FL school that had previously won only 1 FHSAA playoff game and led them to a state title game in 3 years, narrowly missing the victory. Took over as hc at a north FL school that had never appeared in an FHSAA playoff game and led them to a state semifinal game in his first and third seasons, losing only one regular season game over those three years.  Ultimately became the AD and an asst coach for that school and won a state title.   Who is he? At what schools did he coach in state title games?
    • Your entire post is laughable. The reason why Covid is a big deal is because it is a new virus that is far stronger than the flu has ever been, and is killing more people in a shorter amount of time. We have a vaccine against the flu that has been around for decades and is proven to work against the most common strands. Florida as it stands right now is closing in on 4,000 deaths and 215,000 cases, which is a crisis and one that can’t be taken lightly. Also, we don’t shut down for the flu, because asymptomatic people don’t have the same capacity to spread the flu virus as we do with Covid-19. And cancer isn’t spread like viruses are, and generally affect the older population and those who expose themself to radiation. 
    • The body's natural immune system protects from and fights off viruses. There is no cure for any virus and there is only one vaccine and that is somewhat effective and its only for the common flu. It's supposedly 40% effective but nobody really knows. Vaccines are made up of Antibodies that help to boost your Immune System if it is compromised. Other than that a vaccine does not do much good. Every day that you're alive you are bombarded by millions of viruses which the immune system protects against. The fact that millions of people have had Covid-19 with no ill affect or only mild symptoms is proof that very few people die. Most that die have other severe medical problems wherein their immune systems are compromised. Antibiotics can only kill Bacteria. They are useless against viruses. Once again, the immune system is the only thing that protects against viruses. If you are healthy, exercise regularly, eat right, don't smoke, take drugs, or drink excessively, then your immune system will never allow a virus to affect you. I would say that HS football players fall into that category and the reason why people under 60 do not have much to worry about from Covid-19 or any virus.
    • The concern is there is no way to treat Covid No vaccine, no proven antibiotics that fights it   They tell you quarantine for 14 days and hope for the best and that's good enough for you?
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