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Special Permission from Joshua Wilson for allowing me to post these pants on this site.  Thank-You Sir.  

We have 129 Pairs of like-new Adidas Game Pants we purchased from a local college that folded up.  Just looking at the pants in the bins,  we thought maybe we could use them, but the maroon/garnet colors are too far from our bright red.  We have plenty of practice pants already, so we have decided to let them go.  The red shorts in the photo is for color comparison.  

These pants are excellent...not new...but very close.  These are the same pants that cost $70 a pair brand new.  These are the same pants we use at our school.  Would be great for game pants and great for practice pants at any level.  

$8.00 a pair...take them all.  I will box these puppies up and ship them direct to you (You Pay Shipping)  I can take your credit card (run through my business) or even PAY PAL.  Then, I will pass along the funds to the HC/AD or our Booster Club...whatever they decide.  

PM me if you are interested.  

Pants 2.jpg

Pants 1.jpg


Pants 3.jpg

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