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  1. DB was the best team VB has seen this year....and this includes the 7 on 7 season with national competition, and FCA Football camp They should be your next 8A State Champion. We did not line up very well.
  2. I am just hoping VB gets lined up correctly.
  3. Appreciate the support. I would like VB just to line up correctly.
  4. We must have lined up correctly.
  5. I just want to line up correctly.
  6. Was not sure of the dates...but I do remember going up there for a game. I remember the stadium was awesome...really an old-school small town experience....much like our own home stadium in VB. I believe that Coach Livings and your HC were friends.
  7. Actually, VB and Columbia played a home and home in the 80's.
  8. I would just like to line up correctly.
  9. I just want VB to line up correctly.
  10. Whatever this is supposed to mean. Your support is greatly appreciated. I just want VB to line up correctly.
  11. I just hope we can line up correctly.
  12. VB lined up correctly. This was not an upset.
  13. I just hope VB can get lined up correctly.
  14. Ric Flair


    You know what I would do Floridatech? I would march into Lenny's office and DEMAND to see his football plans for the rest of this year and beyond. Go ahead....show Lenny what teams a championship team is supposed to schedule to give them a realistic shot at winning it all. Be sure to pound the desk and all that stuff.....I hear he likes the enthusiasm.
  15. Ric Flair


    Right now, VB just hope to line up correctly. Appreciate the help though.
  16. They had some really nice athletes with good size on both sides of the ball. Don't underestimate this team as the season progresses into the playoffs.
  17. Lake Mineola will surprise some people this year.
  18. There are a couple issues. Most schools are used as public shelters; thus, they have to be specially cleaned and sanitized before letting students back in. In fact, even the locker rooms (with equipment etc...) are not even accessible during these times. Then, many families evacuated Florida completely to ride out the storm. Some of these people are stuck where they evacuated to....because getting back into Florida is difficult right now. Its a big mess..but believe me, we want to play ball.
  19. Vero Beach has now lost two games because of Hurricane Dorian (Ft Lauderdale & Venice) Hopefully one of these games can be made up. Glad Venice was able to find a game on short notice.
  20. Wow....I guess Atlantic is pretty good. I hear Venice is really good too. I just hope we can line up and get a play off correctly.
  21. Bob just dropped it. He was heading on a vertical route initiated when the QB scrambled. Stuff happens.
  22. I just hope we can get lined up and get a play off cleanly.
  23. It's still the muck Always going to be a dogfight.
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