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  1. Is Lake Okeechobee/The Muck Losing Its Luster?

    It's still the muck Always going to be a dogfight.
  2. Dan Burke at Palm Bay Steps Down - Article

    I think Rockledge started slipping a little when Coach Wood left. His Raider teams were unbelievably talented and physical. Ran the Wing-T to perfection. Had about five plays.....but no one could stop them. I am not sure of his complete name, but they has a Defensive End named (Carlisle #3) ....could have been the most dominating player I have ever seen. Wood retired about the same time ODOM showed back up at Cocoa.... Titusville, and Astronaut also felt the change.
  3. Dan Burke at Palm Bay Steps Down - Article

    Palm Bay was/is very good. Nothing fancy offensively, but they would just line up and punch you in the mouth with their running game, then catch you sleeping with a pass. They were always very physical and talented. Then, two different High Schools opened up in Palm Bay: Heritage and Bayside...and each siphoned off athletes which would have normally belonged to Palm Bay Coach Burke did a great job at keeping his team competitive year after year. Even now, when you face a Burke-coached Pirate team.....you are in for a fight. Sad to see Burke go....
  4. Vero goes 0-2 in the spring jamboree

    Wow.....a supporter. Smart man.
  5. Vero goes 0-2 in the spring jamboree

    A few adjustments to make. Maybe you should express your playbook and play calling concerns directly to Coach J. I am sure he would welcome your input with great appreciation. Every little bit helps. VB will be just fine.
  6. Nease Vs Palatka

    Got a chance to see Nease vs Palatka last night in St. Augustine. It is my understanding that Nease has a brand new coaching staff in place, but I thought they looked pretty solid on both sides of the ball. Neace has some good athletes with decent size and showed off some team speed. Sure, there is some work to do, but it will be interesting to how they develop this year. They will win a few games no doubt. Palatka (4A) looked pretty good as well....they just ran out of gas towards the end. They did not dress nearly as many kids as 8A Nease, and the lack of depth showed. They have decent size on both sides of the line, and they also have some young skill talent. Still, they scored over 30 points against the home team. This team will also win a few games. It was great to sit in the stands, watching my granddaughter cheer, and not really care who wins or loses. I don't get that chance very often. But I will say this, I did not realize how brutal some fans (in the stands) can be.
  7. Treasure Coast Trivia Question

    My guess would be Gary Parris.
  8. Vero Beach could break Lakeland's 57 game winning streak

    I just hope Vero Beach can get lined up and be competitive this year.
  9. Ryan Jankowski

    No one has mentioned what Ryan does OFF the field, in the classroom. Jankowski is an exceptional student as well. He will have no problem qualifying for any college who recruits him. Obviously, he has been tutored by his father (Coach J) who is known to be one of the finest High School QB coaches in the country. Like any good QB prospect, Ryan is the first on the practice field, and he is the last one off the practice field....everyday. He is doing everything he a supposed to do (and much more) to lead his team. Ryan has paid his dues...and waited his turn. He will surprise a lot of people this year.
  10. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Back in the day....this was always a huge game for VB. Hopefully, this old rivalry will rekindle.
  11. Pahokee Schedule

    Pahokee will always be competitive. "The Muck" will win their share of games...and that will never change.
  12. Interesting facts about Vero's schedule so far

    Man....I hope we can just line up and be competitive.
  13. Vero Beach schedule so far

    I am hoping we can field a competitive team this year. The competition is very good.
  14. Disney event 2019

    We played Alisio Niguel (From California) at the Disney facility in the early 2000"s (can't remember the exact year) but we did beat them. The following year, our JV team played a Colorado team (on a Saturday) there as well. We also competed in a 7 on 7 tournament at Disney too. Nice facility, and a good experience for the kids, but no doubt I would rather play a regular home game.
  15. Vero Beach vs Viera 11/1

    Big numbers being quoted in here.
  16. Vero Beach vs Viera 11/1

    YEAH! What he said.
  17. Venice completed 2019 Schedule, big news!

    I just hope we can field a competitive team this year. Sure sounds like Venice will be good.
  18. Columbia looking for games

    Maybe it was the early 90's. I have been around for awhile. The old Memorial Stadium was quite a place... reminds me of the iconic Citrus Bowl where we play.
  19. Columbia looking for games

    I remember when we played a home and home series with Columbia back in the mid to late 80's. Vero's Coach Livings had a good relationship with the Columbia coach back then. I remember Columbia stadium as being sort of iconic...beautiful setting, tail gating, and great football. It was a long trip though....for both teams.
  20. Vero Beach recent jump in strength of schedule

    Wondering....did you have any input with Coach J. on the schedule this year?
  21. 7 Great FL HS Programs That Collapsed

    Orlando Evan's for sure. I remember one year (late 80's) they had the largest offensive line in FOOTBALL....yes ALL of football. Saw the big boys myself when they played Vero Beach back in the day. Ft Lauderdale Dillard: man....those cats could play. Fast...Fast...Fast. Miami Southridge: Not sure if they belong here or not, but those Davis Brothers could really play back in the day. Not hearing much from them as much as we used to. Okeechobee: Could always hold their own against anyone. Big country boys could just beat you up.
  22. USA today all FL team

    Proud of the two players Vero Beach has on the list" DeMarcus Harris (Signed #Kentucky) - Jafari Harvey (Signed MIAMI)
  23. Why Are So Many Kids Flocking to These Positions?

    Go to any opening day of youth league (or Freshman ) practice and watch the coaches. The HC will say to his group: 'Anyone who wants to be a wide receiver....go over to Coach so and so. Anyone who wants to be a running back....go over to Coach so and so... Anyone who wants to be a QB.....go over to Coach so and so. Anyone who wants to play defense....Go over to Coach so and so... The Offensive Linemen group rarely has anyone left, or it s by far the smallest group. I place the blame on the weight controlled football leagues around the country. The big kids often are too heavy to play youth league football, and many can't start playing until they are a Freshman in HS. By this time, it is often too late or the players are way behind the learning curve already. My experience says that the big boys really don't start coming into their own until their junior or senior years.
  24. Vero Beach streak for next year

    seems to be a lot of people with inside knowledge of a program, yet they are rarely seen on the practice field or meeting rooms.
  25. Vero Beach streak for next year

    Picking on? I am just looking to get his input on next year's schedule.