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  1. It’s been announced. Their JV head coach Cyril Brockmeier will take over at the helm
  2. Silas is at Steinbrenner. Hope all are having a safe and healthy off season
  3. A big congratulations to Apopka. Wonderful venue and great hosts. Much love to all and good luck in the Championship. We gave you all we had but unfortunately we didn't have our best night when we needed it. Obviously it didn't end how we had hoped but we very proud of our young men and their relentless effort and dedication this year. Academic State Champions for 8a for the 3rd year in a row and a state semifinalist run. Outstanding student-athletes. Love to our wonderful senior group who left the program better than they found it and for setting a new bar for our young guys to claw for
  4. In fairness his point isn't what happened 16 years ago but for the past 16 years... With that said "give em hell" and let this be the team the breaks the trends and barriers and catapults your wonderful program to the next level. Good luck
  5. Perhaps a little dramatic lol. But that man was on a different level lol. 108 career rushing td's to break Emmitt Smith's record if I remember right
  6. As a Dr. Phillips football alum, I was hoping for a chance to make the trip back to Dr. Phillips so my kiddos could see where their pops played (now that they are a little older) and have a chance to coach against some of my former teammates and buddies. Instead, we will have our first meeting as a program with Osceola. The 1 memory that has been etched in my mind since 1999 about Osceola... This may be a little dramatized but this is how I remember it. In 1999 we at Dr. Phillips had a massive match up with defending 5a state champ Osceola and their superstar running back Willie Green. We knew he was a stud but figured we have seen similar backs in Alex Haynes from Evans. Fast forward to my first series against them. I great read on a screen to than running back and state record holder Willie Green. I came up full speed knowing that I was going to knock him silly... between my speed and strength and a perfect read on the play, I was primed for a highlight hit on the states best back. As he turned and saw me coming, he yelled "RED LIGHT"...time stopped. Willie's eyes got big and as I stood there frozen. He looked me deep in the eyes and said "please don't do this to yourself man." I felt bad but was wondering why he misspoke and said "to yourself" because I was about to lay him out. Willie looked at me and said, I am sorry. I was confused. I noticed him smile... he snapped his fingers and said GREEN LIGHT. I stood there confused but decided not to take his advice and went in shoulder first against the states leading running back. As I soared backwards through the air, I noticed how wonderful air was and how lucky we are to have it. As I hit the Earth, I couldn't help but notice Willie had a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of his cleats. As I tried to stop him and let him know, he seemed to really not like the idea of gum on his shoe because he used my stomach to try to get the gum off his shoe. I did not realize he and I were making a trade...he gave me his gum and in return took every ounce of air I thought I owned. I searched the ground for any air I could find as I watched the man they called "Smoke" zoom to the end zone for a touchdown. After the game he was very humble and apologized and asked me if I was able to find some air anywhere. I did. I am reminded of him and Osceola every time I look at my forever mark on the side of my stomach. This Friday I'd like to replace that memory with Steinbrenner's First Regional Title. GO WARRIORS!
  7. There is no in fairness. The guy could have legit killed him. It is one thing to tussle and push and shove. He haymakered him with a helmet
  8. I get that people get busy and sometimes the work plate is overflowing... but years of updates missing is absolutely ridiculous? There really is no excuse for it. If it is part of an individuals job duties it needs to get done. Pay me and I will have it done in a week. There is nothing hard about updating a record book if the stats are all available. The FHSAA is the governing body and needs to do a better job on this in my opinion. My name in the Flag Football record book has been spelled incorrectly since 2013 and I don't even have my name in as the coach for 2012, something I asked to be corrected in 2013, 2014, 2015... I stopped trying at that point lol
  9. We are hosting our first playoff game ever... 2015 we finished 9-1 and headed to Dr. Phillips as the runner up in our district to Manatee. We held a lead on Dr. Phillips with 6 minutes left. Our center, hiding the fact he dislocated his shoulder in the 4th, had 2 arrant snaps that both were recovered by DP. They won 30-18. Looking forward to a great game tonight!
  10. 8A-R1 No. 4 Timber Creek (9-1) (changed with the arrest news) 8A-R4 No. 4 Western (7-2) 7A-R1 No. 3 Fleming Island (9-0) 7A-R3 No. 5 Venice (5-4) 6A-R1 No. 6 Columbia (7-3) 6A-R1 No. 2 Robert E. Lee (7-3) 6A-R4 No. 4 Miami Central (7-3) 5A-R2 No. 2 Dunnellon (9-1) 5A-R3 No. 3 River Ridge (8-2) 4A-R2 No. 4 Keystone Heights (7-2) 3A-R1 No. 5 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (5-5) 3A-R3 No. 5 Clearwater Central Catholic (7-3) 2A-R3 No. 3 Seffner Christian (7-3) 1A-R1 No. 5 Graceville (7-3) 1A-R4 No. 5 Chiefland (6-4)
  11. They do announce the sportsmanship clauses at every game. Most refs usually are good about giving a warning to a player/coach. Not all do obviously. It does happen. I do think 6 games would be a bit much for cursing to the air if that is what happened
  12. I have never seen this until the past week. Almost every maxpreps click the past week results in a server error and you have to reload the page 3-4 times for it to come up. Anyone else having these issues? and we won't even discuss how the referee giving the out of bounds server penalty has 1 club hand, is giving some sort of peace sign penalty and has no eyes...and is wearing a blue belt with black pants. Want is going on here... LOAD MY PAGE!!! In other news Lebron's hairline is still retracting quicker than our shorelines.
  13. I have never seen this until the past week. Almost every maxpreps click the past week results in a server error and you have to reload the page 3-4 times for it to come up. Anyone else having these issues?
  14. Hillsborough schools don't pick their schedule. We are currently the highest scoring team in the state of Florida and have had a half time running clock on 8 of our 9 opponents (averaging 43 first half points). Our defense is giving up 5.7 points per game, a good portion of that was on our 2's. 813 said previously our schedule was easy and we would get run over by Plant and Hillsborough. We didn't As to how we will stack up against Sarasota and Dr. Phillips we will see if we get there...Both are great programs and we would love to get the shot to prove ourselves. Our last experience with each of them: We went to Dr. Phillips in 2015 for our first playoff game and we had a halftime lead on them and were tied in the 4th before losing by 12, they lost in the 3rd round by 1 to state runner up Osceola. Sarasota beat us last year 14-7. We fumbled out of the end zone with 30 seconds left which would have tied the game... they went on to the final 4 We play who is on our schedule. Our team is bought in and playing great football. No clue how we will match up against whoever the playoffs bring us but we will be ready to go and excited for the battle. I do disagree with 813. a 12-1 team is a good team. Majority of playoff teams are good teams. Elite and good are different. Thanks for the respect perspective. You all may have a shot to sneak in for a Sarasota matchup. It is gonna be tight For now... our focus is on Chamberlain. Good luck to all teams this week.
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