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  1. Final 4 Trivia Question

    Armwood, St. Thomas, Central, Trinity Christian, Washington, American Heritage, Coccoa? buuuut I think Lakeland should be there... so I listed 7 teams.... DO I have all 6?
  2. newest rpi?

    I would assume Saturday. Last year they did the selection show on a Saturday if I remember correctly
  3. (4-3) Miami Columbus @ (8-0) Dillard let the talking begin.

    Will a loss to Dillard send end Columbus playoff hopes? I got Dillard 33-21
  4. As it stands dillard is the 4th seed (SMH)

    Not sure what was funny. We were making it clear we wanted the matchup with you all. It matters not since it didn't happen. Our focus is on Blake tonight. Still wish you great luck and hope you all have a fantastic run. Best wishes tonight against Land O' Lakes and going forward.
  5. As it stands dillard is the 4th seed (SMH)

    Plant is currently 14th in the region with an 0-6 record... I would say they are being rewarded as they are ranked about a 3 win team currently. Plant's opponents are 30-3 I believe. I am not sure if they can sneak in if they win out but the next few weeks will be fun to watch
  6. As it stands dillard is the 4th seed (SMH)

    Our county picks our schedules based on tiers of your previous 2 years. Each team is allowed to choose 1 must have game on their schedule... The county will try their best to add them... If both teams select each other the game is pretty much a go. We chose Gaither...They did not choose us. We even posted on twitter their name as our must have game on the district sheet, but for some reason some of their fans think we were afraid to play them. Oh well, would have been a fun game. We wish them the best on their run and are happy to see them succeeding
  7. RPI is a joke

    There was absolutely a problem with teams getting bonus points for playing teams who were 2 years removed from the playoffs. This system the closer it gets to the end of the season, the more and more accurate it will get. Will there be a team who feels snubbed??? Absolutely, will happen in any system... but you will see much less of the craziness we saw last year with a winless team getting in aand such
  8. As it stands dillard is the 4th seed (SMH)

    Keep winning and things will change. We (Steinbrenner) are a 3 seed right now because of DP and Sarasota schedule compared to ours. The last few weeks will bring down their owp and oowp and ours will go up. Things will def change over next few weeks. Be patient and see how it plays out
  9. The Agenda Buster

    If he even practiced at any point this season with his original school I do not see how he can play this season. Makes zero sense and doubt it will happen
  10. Randazzo (Coconut Creek) Football????

    This is 100% the O'Bannon's brother fault. Had they never caused NCAA Football to be dropped by EA Sports, people wouldn't be forced to carry out their create-a-player and create-a-team dynasty mode in real life. Damn you Ed O'Bannon! #bringbackncaafootball
  11. Randazzo (Coconut Creek) Football????

    Soooo I called Lee County football coach in South Carolina. He wasn't available at the moment but I talked to his secretary. I explained the situation to her and asked if by any chance their team traveled to play Randazzo in Florida... She said, Travel to Florida to play a football game??? Um no way that every happened honey. lol It's bizarre
  12. Randazzo (Coconut Creek) Football????

    so all of their opponents are real schools... who don't have football programs. This seems like a student project to see if they could infiltrate maxpreps system and become highly ranked never playing a game
  13. Randazzo (Coconut Creek) Football????

    So looking over the roster this is definitely made up lol #90 Steph Durant 6-4 275 #99 Kevin Curry 6-6 300 Steph Curry and Kevin Durant lol #42 Willie Crain SR. LB #44 Will Crain So LB Oline could start for the Dolphins Anderson Silva 6-2 280 Brent Price 6-6 270 Junior Lewis 6-5 300 Caleb Johnson 7-0 300 Freddy Suter 5-11 270 This is really weird. Are the schools they played real schools is the next question
  14. Randazzo (Coconut Creek) Football????

    Kind of weird as they have a full roster with stats... although their points scored in games and total points they have for players don't match. It is strange
  15. Need Help with RPI

    LOL I agree with you 100%. The time is crazy to figure it out as no site makes it easy. I think there will be plenty of errors to be found