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    • I like that idea.   Let's see, we'd start out with one vote for Columbia, one vote for Venice, one vote for Osceola, one vote for Apopka, one vote for Dillard, one vote for Lakeland, and one vote for Madison . . . regardless of whether or not these teams won their classification championships!    
    • Cocoa has been dominate against 2S opponents all year outscoring them 350-16.  This past weekend they routed 12-0 #1 seed South Sumter 35-7 and that 7 came on the last play of regulation.  Blake Boda has thrown for almost 3500 yards and 45TDs while rushing for 3 more. This lefty should be a lock for 2S player of the year and maybe dairy farmers player of the year. They have one of the best WR groups maybe in the country led by (2) 4⭐️‘s… 23’ Ohio State commit Ced Hawkins and ESPN top 300 24’ Day Day Farmer. They also have a huge target in 6’5” converted basketball player and 3⭐️ Kyon Calhoun. They have 7 players with over 200 yards receiving on this team, 9 players with receiving TDs, and 11 have caught a pass from boda. Their entire starting oline returns next year and has not given up a sack against a 2S opponent. Senior RB Anthony bridgewater has rushed for +500 yards behind them and 4 TDs but man can he pass block. This converted LB along with sophomore Malachi will make you regret blitzing! Defensively, their entire secondary is committed or holds a D1 offer, they have 2 of the top ‘24 LBs in the state with Samadre Hawkins and Davion Parham. There DL is big, athletic, well coached and anchored by 3⭐️ Loren Ward and senior Dorsey.  Cocoa has 5th year HC Ryan Schnider at the helm looking to make it to his 3rd state final as a Tiger. He won state championships previously with U School and St Thomas. Early on, Coach Schnider was critized for the teams 2-2 start losing to jones on the last drive where they sacked his QB for a safety and the getting beat soundly by his former program.Those 2 loses don’t look to bad anymore as that’s likely the 3M state matchup. They also lost to seminole in OT but that game unfortunately probably cost seminole their shot at a state title. Seminole’s FAU QB Commit hasn’t played a snap since that game. Lastly, one of their biggest advantages is Coach Schnider has assembled an impressive staff around him with 3 former head coaches on staff, a former NFL player,  9 military veterans, and almost every staff member played college football. Having this type of staff with the current state of coaches pay in Florida is pretty crazy! This isn’t a good team, it’s a good program and i can’t see anyone stopping cocoa this year 
    • Is this going to be like on FlaVarsity, where you just went to a different account, but still kept posting?
    • Yeah that game was crazy. That whole final 4 minutes was crazy. Don't know if you know the story, but we had a defensive player die in a car accident the year before and the team dedicated the season and the championship to him. The theme and foundation for him was called "Be the Light". Well as a religious school, it didn't take much for the boys to believe that their boy Ari #30, was sending them a message from above. When the lights went back on, Columbus stormed back on with a very improbable finish. Great part of Explorer lore at this point. In any case, the Drive Pnk Stadium where Inter Miami FC plays now has a nice set up and don't expect any technical issues. Owners of the  Miami FC who commissioned the rebuild of the stadium are also Columbus Alumni and huge benefactors. They better get it right! LOL.
    • Ballsy indeed and I commend you.  I still wouldn't give up the screen name if the Tigers lose but that is your decision.  Regarding whatever chatter is happening, it is what it is.  I will also say did you expect anything less?  All things will be settled on Friday.
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