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Where the love for the Kings Academy Lions? Undefeated regular season 8-0 and not a mention anywhere. I know they play in the Southeast Conference but wins against Benjamin, Pinecrest and Glades Day. Only giving up an average 5.5 points a game and scoring an average 40+!

They have been very sound all year.  I would love to see Kings Academy join the Independent Gold Coast Conference and swap places with Inlet Grove to be honest with you.  I think Kings would fit in well in that Independent Conference that has a few decent teams.  Inlet Grove is simply not fit to be in that conference with all due respect.

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Kings Academy versus Marathon will unfortunately be a bloodbath in Round 1 of the Southeastern Independent League playoffs....The fact Marathon is in the playoffs is frankly-  atrocious.....


I have been following Kings Academy but due to lack of competition in that Independent Conference, it is very hard to stay interested.  The Gold Coast Conference is much more competitive.

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The North is very competitive with Benjamin , Pinecrest and Glades. The south not so much. Still doesn't take away from the amazing season they have had. Should get more respect and mentions.


You could say it is "competitive" and those teams are decent -  relative to the conference.  The conference lost a lot when they lost Coral Springs Charter, Calvary Christian, Westminster Academy and Pompano Beach in 2015.


Not to take anything from Kings Academy undefeated season but do you think Kings Academy is also dominating because of the above teams leaving the conference for the Gold Coast Independent Conference?




A couple of changes I noticed in the Southeast Independent League :



Benjamin 2015 SE Indepenent record 1-8   2016 SE Independent record 6-2 (thus far)


Kings Academy 2015 SE Independent record  3-6    2016 SE Independent record  8-0 (thus far)



Either way, Kings Academy has had a awesome season and from what I can see the Kings Academy has only had 1 losing season in the last 12 years.  Again, it would be great to get the Kings Academy in the Gold Coast Conference ...spread the word!

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    • Plantation hasn’t been the same in a few years now. And Dillard haven’t been in the same district as STA since 08.    amd STA hasn’t faced a strong talented well coached Dillard team this decade. Now don’t get me wrong STA may still win this October matchup but Dillard is nowhere near the same Dillard of old.    and the last time we faced plantation we demolished them, so all I’m saying is it’s gonna be a great matchup I never predicted a winner. 
    • I said I would be surprised because Broward publics haven't had a strong track record against STA as of late    When's the last time a Broward public not named DFB beat them? Dillard isn't a bad team but this isn't the same Dillard of the 80s-early 00s   Just look at what STA did to plantation in both matchups 2 seasons ago, and plantation is no push over and you should know this considering plantation past history with Dillard   I think Dillard has taken a step in the right direction but I'm gonna need to see more to feel confident picking Dillard to beat STA, again if Dillard can beat them then I'll be the first one to come on here and eat crow though
    • Probably because the Dade publics usually get more transfers than STA but people overlook that detail    People look at privates as transfer loaded but many publics actually get more transfers than the privates that are called cheaters, I'm seeing that up here in North Florida and it been happening in SFL for years
    • And I can respect that, but in the same breath in your first comment you went str8 to “st Thomas isn’t gonna be easy etc etc” when nobody ever said they were.   u also said you don’t see us beating them, how can u say that not knowing wha Dillard has you went as far as to say you would be surprised if Dillard won” ignoring the face Dillard is on a 22 game winning streak and they could have very well won 6A last year, but we would never know because we was never given that opportunity but the opportunity we was delt we won the title. Now am I comparing any of those teams to st Thomas or any other team in 7A ijs. 
    • Why would kids drive from Nassau county to Bolles in the southside of Jacksonville?
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