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    • A good umpire or back judge will yell " Play's Over" as soon as a play ends. That reduces the chance of an inadvertent whistle. A whistle will usually be blown when the play is over in High School Football about 90-95% of the time anyway because High School Coaches think that the whistle ends the play, and player safety is paramount.
    • I think this is one of those years when DP gets revenge for all the close games they have dropped to Apopka over the recent past. DP by 14. 
    • After the way Apopka struggled with Ocoee this past week, I have to go with Dr Phillips. Ocoee, at best, is considered a weak team that Apopka should have blown away, especially playing a home game at Apopka. I agree that Apopka normally gets stronger as the season progresses, but this may be too early for them to meet Dr Phillips. I'll say Dr Phillips by 10.
    • Hmm and I stay in Orlando now....might check this out 
    • Two of the top teams in 8A square off this week. Both teams are stacked with talent. Apopka beat Ocoee 15-13 and it’s defense is among the best in the state regardless of class. Their vaunted offense usually progresses as the year goes on and I believe they return a ton from last year on that side of the ball. Dr. Phillips led Boone 48-20 before Boone mounted a comeback on some younger guys (48-41). DP’s offense is probably the best it has been since 2010 but the defense gave up some big plays through the air. Predictions? Tough one to call. Apopka will need to stop explosive plays from DP while DP must regain leverage and outside contain on defense. While Boone had most of their success through the air, DP had tons of trouble with the wildcat at the end. 27-27 into OT, then pickem
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