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Dillard Will Have 65 possibly 70 kids on the varsity sideline come kickoff.

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7 hours ago, peezy28 said:

Bro... You proving my point... If your saying what have you done for me lately who has done "more" lately LOL.  We are talking about this year well since neither team has played a game only thing you can go on is history and tradition.  I can tell you I think the school I support now Clearwater is going to be bad arse and go Undefeated and make it to state because I seen them practice and they have a huge Oline a D1 QB, RB and WR and blah blah blah... But if I do that folks will immediately go look at what they have done the last few years and tell me I am crazy... and they would not be wrong in that assumption. 

But that also goes for central what have They done LATELY the last 2 years just to be fair ? The last two years Dillard has went 7-3 held carol city to under 23 points after it was said we gonna get running clocked. 

We went 8-2 last year and trailed nationally ranked Miami central 28-20 with the ball and first & goal last year. Ended up losing 35-20 even tho they said we were again gonna get running clocked with even a lot of central fans admitting We should have won that game. 

All in all only thing I’m saying is nobody should be a lock for nothing; I’m not guaranteeing a Dillard state appearance or none of that but what I am saying is MC is not a lock to make it. 6a south is no longer a cake walk for the 6a-16 district like it once was. 

Dillard has shown they can play with and beat a team from that district hence the upset vs carol city in 2013. 

You cant harp off the past accomplishments of central & ignore the huge strides & extremely talented team that Dillard has been developing and will have on the field. 

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2 hours ago, XDC said:

Losing track of what is really important here: there is absolutely NO WAY that Dillard trots out a DL that averages 6'6 400+. Pure and utter blasphemy. I legitimately belly-laughed when I read that. Absolutely no shot.   

Bro we have two DL that is 6’5 & 6’6 when they came in both were at 400 or a few pounds over in April. Since then they have been losing hat weight and gaining more muscle. I’m with these boys everyday literally.

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