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Dillard Will Have 65 possibly 70 kids on the varsity sideline come kickoff.

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7 hours ago, peezy28 said:

Bro... You proving my point... If your saying what have you done for me lately who has done "more" lately LOL.  We are talking about this year well since neither team has played a game only thing you can go on is history and tradition.  I can tell you I think the school I support now Clearwater is going to be bad arse and go Undefeated and make it to state because I seen them practice and they have a huge Oline a D1 QB, RB and WR and blah blah blah... But if I do that folks will immediately go look at what they have done the last few years and tell me I am crazy... and they would not be wrong in that assumption. 

But that also goes for central what have They done LATELY the last 2 years just to be fair ? The last two years Dillard has went 7-3 held carol city to under 23 points after it was said we gonna get running clocked. 

We went 8-2 last year and trailed nationally ranked Miami central 28-20 with the ball and first & goal last year. Ended up losing 35-20 even tho they said we were again gonna get running clocked with even a lot of central fans admitting We should have won that game. 

All in all only thing I’m saying is nobody should be a lock for nothing; I’m not guaranteeing a Dillard state appearance or none of that but what I am saying is MC is not a lock to make it. 6a south is no longer a cake walk for the 6a-16 district like it once was. 

Dillard has shown they can play with and beat a team from that district hence the upset vs carol city in 2013. 

You cant harp off the past accomplishments of central & ignore the huge strides & extremely talented team that Dillard has been developing and will have on the field. 

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2 hours ago, XDC said:

Losing track of what is really important here: there is absolutely NO WAY that Dillard trots out a DL that averages 6'6 400+. Pure and utter blasphemy. I legitimately belly-laughed when I read that. Absolutely no shot.   

Bro we have two DL that is 6’5 & 6’6 when they came in both were at 400 or a few pounds over in April. Since then they have been losing hat weight and gaining more muscle. I’m with these boys everyday literally.

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    • That Armwood and Mater Dei are on different tiers is totally irrelevant to the discussion here. IMG took the best players from BOTH of them.  The rest of your post simply follows what I said above.  Players appear headed to the top programs that they can be used in. Whether that be a Spoto player going to Wiregrass Ranch, a Wiregrass Ranch player going to Armwood, or an Armwood player going to IMG, the result is that there are fewer programs with enough good players to be remotely competitive. Gradually, over time, players who can jump out of a non-competitive program to one that is competing will do so. Eventually, the school they left is going to end up short enough of a squad to justify the money and practice time. First, only the Spoto's will drop the sport. Then, schools like Wiregrass may be in the same boat down the road. And then the Armwood's are going to start to have a hard time filling a schedule. By then, more academies will have formed. There will be enough of them to play a full schedule playing teams exclusively like themselves. And they will operate entirely outside the scope of state associations like the FHSAA. And the kids at those top public programs like Armwood will look around and realize they can get more specialized training at an academy. A public school with a very limited budget doesn't figure to be able to keep up forever. Again, I'm talking about what may happen by, say, 2050. So, responding with observations about what is happening right now in 2020 will...ensure you get the last word, which may be your priority anyway. 
    • For starters armwood and mater dei aren't the same tier of program    And second no that doesn't prove that because you don't know how much loyalty is in some of these programs, there are kids out there who are studs and have absolutely 0 interest in playing for some wannabe all star team like IMG academy because they recognize they don't need IMG to make themselves a star and many players in Florida are realizing this 
    • You're talking about this exact moment in time. I'm anticipating 20-30 years from now. IMG took the top player from Mater Dei last year (though Bryce Young ended up being more highly ranked in some circles). They took Armwood's top player for next year (Agiye Hall). Preferences will vary from player to player. But, if they can get the top players on Mater Dei and Armwood, they are able to get players from any program. 
    • Hey now, I still get the lake City reporter for my sports (though I hope to increase coverage on my website in the future)   ...........   I disagree, I think there will still be plenty of high schools who are able field teams, especially ones with a good track record of getting players to the next level   If academies are so popular then why isn't IMG snatching players from teams like Miami northwestern, sta, ahp, Miami Central, armwood, hell Lakeland even had a kid leave IMG and come back to his home school     The only teams who will lose players are ones with no stability or ones with no track record of success, the ones who have long established themselves as schools who are going to get players to the next level will still be successful in fact it means those said Schools will be better because they will have less competition standing in their way 
    • Well, sure, I think they've steered clear of any accusations of falsifying a resume. But, I think the Columbia part is presented in such a way as to allow more credulous lay persons to assume he has a degree from Columbia. 
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