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    • Believe that Bolles runs the Wing T and has run it for years very successfully. Very difficult to defend. But Bolles passes more these days than they used to which of course makes it even more effective.
    • Exactly! Stick with Norvell. A fair assessment on him as head coach really can't be made until after 4 season given the mess he was handed.
    • Every other team in 1A.  
    • So, when I first saw this, my response was similar to some of the other responses:  how can the FHSAA not have thought about this possibility, whether they consider it a hypothetical situation or not?   I'm still leaning this way.  However, when I re-read the answer, it occurs to me that the FHSAA simply does not want to announce a bright-line rule at this point.   Instead, they want to be able to deal with each situation on a case-by-case basis.   If a single player on a team's active roster tests positive, should it matter whether the kid was a starter or a kid who's coming off an injury who really wasn't around most of the team?  If you have a bright-line rule that a positive test equals a forfeit no matter what, would that prevent a parents' club from raising the money to have every kid on team tested on Wednesday or Thursday of their next game week to see whether that team has any other positive test results?  If not, then the game could go on.  I suspect I could come up with at least 20 or 30 different scenarios and my guess is that the FHSAA simply doesn't want to lock itself into an answer for each and every scenario that is presented at this point.  Again, I see both sides.   A bright-line rule announced ahead of time takes all the potential politics out of the decision-making process, but it might also take away common sense solutions.  It might also inadvertently encourage schools to be less than forthright with the state if they happen to get some positive news of the negative variety. 
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