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Small Classification State Championships

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Living in Tallahassee, I’m attending the three championship games and I thought that I’d post my thoughts on the games and experience here as each game raps up.


Game 1: Victory Christian vs. Champagnat


Attendance: At peak I would estimate about 4-500 fans on the VC side and about 60 or so on the Champ side for a total of about 500. There were a few locals but overall I feel the local media market did a bad job of promoting. I talked some with 3 HS football fans from South Georgia who had heard about the game the same day and decided to drive down.


Atmosphere: Not bad for a Thursday night game involving two out of town teams. The first half the crowd was pretty engaged, however as the game wore on and Champ took control, it did fade a bit down the stretch. Props to VC for bringing their cheerleaders and a drum line to the game. Also, I want to give kudos to the FHSAA who really has done a great job transforming Gene Cox Stadium into a championship atmosphere.


The Game: Early on it looked like VC was going to take control. They did a very good job initially spreading the field and moving the ball, but then for some reason after some initial success, they transitioned into a running game between the tackles and got stuffed for the rest of the night. Champ did a much better job mixing things up, but it was a pretty sloppy game for both teams. Lots of odd playcalling decisions on both sides (Champ attempting an onside kick up 21 in the late 3rd quarter, odd short yardage play calls on 4th and 15-20 by VC). Just overall sort of a weird game, but pretty entertaining.


Looking Ahead: Should be a great atmosphere tonight. I’m expecting 3,000 people or more depending on how well Chaminade travels. Weather will be perfect. Should be a good game.

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