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    • Maybe we could come up with fancy names to describe the teams that move up and down.   I suggest "promotion" and "relegation."  I have a feeling those terms might catch on. 
    • IMG absolutely is an academy.  In fact, "academy" is part of its formal name ("IMG Academy").   And arguably, in less than a decade, IMG has become the premier football academy in the country.  Clearly there is a market out there for such an organization.   But, let's be real about it.   If IMG is going to market themselves as a sports academy (which they do) and aggressively pursue elite athletes to fill their rosters (which I believe they do), that's fine.   But until the FHSAA develops a separate category of membership for sports academies, IMG really doesn't belong in the FHSAA.  That doesn't mean that teams in Florida can't play them if they want to.  They can.  Just recognize that IMG is something different than all the other schools who are members of the FHSAA. 
    • One downside there is would there be any way to ensure that classification doesn't become too large in terms of number of teams?
    • How about this: if a school wins its district, say 2 out of 3 years, it automatically moves up one classification level and the team that finished last over that same 3 year period in that district drops down one classification level. There are some large schools that are doormats year after year and show no signs of being competitive, while you have smaller schools, like Madison County that dominate in their classification year after year. It may take a decade, but I think a competitive balance that would result from moving teams up and down would be closer if schools weren't classified simply by size, but by historic performance. A state championship and/or runner-up could automatically move you up one classification, without waiting two or three years. This could help balance out recruiting.
    • Wow    Talk about a rough history
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