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Soph picks up his first offer...

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    • Because them programs recruit players or get alot of transfers.  If recruiting was banned in high school . No img or anyone like that program.  No private schools with players from other schools. And if transfers rules where strict.  Madison is elite doing it with home grown talent. A real high school,  
    • That’s true, but I didn’t mean to bury the lead by disrespecting Madison County’s program. I have a lot of respect for them, and although they don’t schedule the powerhouses I mentioned, they do play a somewhat tough schedule in their own right. It’s just Jesse that’s annoying me. He bad mouths other programs and says Madison could blow them away, when the reality is that they are a 1A school who plays well but does not have the talent to compete with these powerhouses. Thank you for your feedback Keem, you are a very insightful poster.
    • Madison would never play any of those schools. Yet Cocoa the team that beat Madison at Madison in the semifinals played IMG, Miami Central, Bishop Gorman and was even scheduled to host St Frances before the school board voted against it being too big of a game for the week they were scheduled. Booker T Washington plays teams on that level constantly. Making a game out of it and even blowing some out.
    • You act like Madison is the only small town/small school that has a winning history past and current. Plus madison isn't far from Tallahassee and they are the only school in their area so they don't have to worry about talent being spread to other schools.
    • And in fact while you’re at it, tell him to schedule IMG, STA, Miami Central, Mater Dei, Bishop Gorman, and St. Frances. I’m sure Madison will beat all of them by over 30 each. I would bet my house on it. 
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