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    It is Travis Henry. Let's see if we can answer the rest of the questions now. Please understand that the folks on this Board represent the Mensa of FL hs football. If I made the questions too easy, they would be insulted and run me off of here.
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    haha ok. My friend muckboy has beaten me to the punch on the last part. I think it was 60-something to 30-something in the final score. That was a dynasty there for UC. I was a student at UF then, rooting for them to finally lose. haha
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    Than he must have been real good. Not many coaches can boast of being rocket scientists!
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    I am not sure who this coach is, but I do know that is Daytona Stadium that he is standing in.
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    It's a game I will never forget. The momentum went back and forth between two evenly matched teams. And, like I said, it was as cold as ice. A neighborhood kid that lived four doors down from me at the time, Jarrick Thomas, was a two way starter for that Edgewater team. He had attended Middle School with both my sons at Piedmont Lakes Middle, and in the evenings they would often play some street basketball with him. He blocked a Norland extra point and had several good tackles. Jarrick got a football scholarship but blew out his knee in his sophomore year.
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    Miami Norland vs Orlando Edgewater. Edgewater made what looked like a game winning drive ending in a touchdown when the running back took it in on a draw play. The drive was highlighted by some spectacular catches by Mike Walker of Edgewater, including one where he dived laterally to catch the ball full stretch. Unfortunately, for Edgewater, despite having a good kicker, they elected to pooch the ball to prevent a long return, giving Norland the ball at about their 40. This Norland team had too big time receivers including Dwayne Bowe who would star at LSU and have a very good NFL career. However, Robert Spence elected instead, to throw the ball to a receiver who had not scored a touchdown the entire season. He collected the ball between Kenny Ingram and another Edgewater receiver and dived into the endzone, scoring with about 20 seconds on the clock. Edgewater got the ball back but was unable to bring off a second miracle. That night was the coldest night I ever watched a game live. I watched the game on the Norland side because my niece was a Norland Junior. I was the sole Edgewater fan on that side and took a lot of grief after the game.
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    Jim Buckridge. He coached at Boone with Ziglar and now Ziglar is at Timber Creek with Buckridge. Two good people
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    A dynasty is built over a long period of time. In FHSAA terms, that is a program that consistently wins decade after decade. Suwannee won 4 titles in a row back in the 80's. Then they quickly fell off the map. Ask anyone today if the Suwannee football program is a dynasty and they would look at you funny. 20 years from now we'll talk about whether Madison County's program can be considered a dynasty. IMO, a football program "dynasty" is also defined by the greatness of its competition. Those Suwannee teams took advantage of a relatively weak class those years they won, just as Madison County has taken advantage of moving down to 1A and beating up on competition that is limited. If Alabama moved down to FCS and started kicking butt, nobody would be talking "dynasty." MC had its chance to prove itself when it played in the higher classes against the likes of Bolles, Chaminade, Glades Central, Clewiston, South Sumter, etc. MC did well, but they certainly did not dominate. Once again, MC has a fine program. But winning a few state titles in 1A does not make one a dynasty.
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