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  1. We are likely going to have a spotty high school football season, and students will be hard put to learn in the current environment as things change from week to week. 

    We need, as a country, to do some serious self analysis as to why this has dragged out so much longer here than elsewhere. 

  2. 2 hours ago, VeniceIndiansFootball said:

    Yeah you beat them week 1 of post championship year, after Oscar Smith lost everything to graduation. Seems like Vero waits until everyone loses their talent and schedules them week 1 when they are at their weakest, doesn’t it? Well that’s not going to happen with us. And comparing Venice’s program to Veros is like comparing apples and oranges. Venice has won 4 regional championships And a state championship in the past 4 years. Vero hasn’t won their region in years, and hasn’t won states in 39 years. Stop living in the past. Regardless of who wins 9/11, I have nothing but respect for Vero Beach’s program.

    Based on how you have just bashed them, that one is hard to believe, LOL!

  3. 10 hours ago, VeniceIndiansFootball said:

    IMG will roll them. Edgewater graduated the majority of their talent last year while IMG Academy returns majority of their starters from last year. Plus Edgewater is on the road. 42-14 IMG

    The majority of Edgewater's talented skill players were juniors and sophomores last year. They did lose some experienced linemen on both sides of the ball and a very good kicker. The kicker has been replaced, so that is not an issue. I believe both Edgewater receivers of merit will be back. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Perspective said:

    Darter, perhaps Florida HS Football needs someone to cover the game for them . . . write up a short article, snap a few pictures, etc.  You know, a good, old-fashioned freelance writer.   Win-win.  FHSF gets much-needed content and you get a front-row seat to watch the game from down on the field.   I'm guessing that the credentials to get down on the field to watch the game for free would be payment enough. 

    Just a thought. 

    I think it's worth asking Josh, which I will. Thanks for the suggestion. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, OldSchoolLion said:

    It is Tommy Streeter, who helped Northwestern win to back-to-back 6A state titles against Lake Brantley(2006) and Boone(2007).  He caught a TD in each game, both thrown by Jacory Harris.  Streeter went on to play for the Hurricanes.  He passed on his senior year and entered the NFL draft, where he was drafted by the Ravens.  His NFL career never took off as hoped.

    Tommy was a very, very good possession receiver. The first time I saw him live against Miami Central at the old Orange Bowl, shortly before it was demolished I knew he had NFL talent then and there. Funnily enough, though, I though Aldarius Johnson had even more potential, but issues (off field??) caused his college career to stall. That MNW team had as much offensive talent as I have seen on any one high school team. 

  6. 1 hour ago, ColumbiaHighFan2017class said:

    There were definitely Columbia teams that deserved to be ranked in the state poll


    05 wasn't one of them 

    Old School was right about East Ridge, though. In the fist part of the first decade of this century, they were very good. I remember them spanking Apopka at Apopka in either 2004 or 2005. That was the first and only time, I ever saw Apopka quit in a game. I realize that East Ridge was the better team, but to this day I am still pissed at and embarrassed by that Apopka team. To lose to a better team is fine. To quit is not acceptable. 

    Things changed rapidly when Lake Minneola opened up and siphoned off many of the better East Ridge kids. 

  7. 5 hours ago, ColumbiaHighFan2017class said:

    Earliest I can remember going to games was I think 07 or 08 

    Old School was just being Old School! My first sporting event occurred at 8 years old. It was a cricket game that I found incredibly boring. Kind of funny as I ended up playing the sport in high school, mostly because  I could not make the soccer team. Go figure ...

  8. 28 minutes ago, OldSchoolLion said:

    In a controversial ending to the game, it is alleged that a very young fan of Columbia threw a dirty diaper at Tebow as he was leaving the stadium because Tebow would not give the youngster his autograph. :)

    That last paragraph is fake news. However, if it proves true, I doubt very much that our respected colleague was the guilty party!:)

  9. 49 minutes ago, Perspective said:

    Did anyone else read the Orlando Sentinel article on why the FHSAA wasn't going to livestream the meeting this Friday?   The explanation made no sense to me.   It was, basically, "well, that's just not the way we usually do our meetings."   Um, this is an emergency meeting, specially called to deal with the impact of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and that's the excuse you want to give?  The president of the FHSAA board  wants the meeting livestreamed (just like the past two were) and FHSAA staff essentially said "F*#% you; we're not going to do it that way."   Am I missing something?   Can anyone defend Tomyn's position on this issue?  Josh, are you planning on attending?  How early do you think you'll need to get there in order to insure that you get one of the twenty or so spots available to the public? 

    I am in agreement with you. It does not make any sense. 

  10. 42 minutes ago, Perspective said:

    Badbird, I don't know you well enough to ask, but I am wondering which coaching club is more exclusive.   :D

    I will give an unauthorized answer for Badbird. The 300 club is better.

    With that said, Badbird was an excellent coach and I understand why he feels the way he does. One stinging loss was in the third round of the 2003 (or was it 2004, I could be off a year) playoffs against Edgewater. Apopka was coming off a big win over Sandalwood and the fans were feeling we had a chance. Unfortunately, Apopka was plagued with unforced errors in the game and dropped a reasonably close one at College Park. Bobby Raugh put the nail in the coffin with a touchdown catch in the fourth quarter. Edgewater went on to lose the title game against a Miami team. 

  11. 40 minutes ago, OldSchoolLion said:

    Wow...thank for the great recap.

    It's a game I will never forget. The momentum went back and forth between two evenly matched teams. And, like I said, it was as cold as ice.

    A neighborhood kid that lived four doors down from me at the time, Jarrick Thomas, was a two way starter for that Edgewater team. He had attended Middle School with both my sons at Piedmont Lakes Middle, and in the evenings they would often play some street basketball with him. He blocked a Norland extra point and had several good tackles. Jarrick got a football scholarship but blew out his knee in his sophomore year. 

  12. 14 hours ago, OldSchoolLion said:

    Just imagine, your team scores the go-ahead TD in the state final with only about 45 seconds remaining, only to have the opposing team hit a 60-yard pass play about 25 seconds later later to win the game.  This happened to one team within the past 25 years. 

    Which teams played this game and which won had the heartbreaking loss?


    Miami Norland vs Orlando Edgewater. Edgewater made what looked like a game winning drive ending in a touchdown when the running back took it in on a draw play. The drive was highlighted by some spectacular catches by Mike Walker of Edgewater, including one where he dived laterally to catch the ball full stretch. 

    Unfortunately, for Edgewater, despite having a good kicker, they elected to pooch the ball to prevent a long return, giving Norland the ball at about their 40. This Norland team had too big time receivers including Dwayne Bowe who would star at LSU and have a very good NFL career. However, Robert Spence elected instead, to throw the ball to a receiver who had not scored a touchdown the entire season. He collected the ball between Kenny Ingram and another Edgewater receiver and dived into the endzone, scoring with about 20 seconds on the clock. Edgewater got the ball back but was unable to bring off a second miracle. 

    That night was the coldest night I ever watched a game live. I watched the game on the Norland side because my niece was a Norland Junior. I was the sole Edgewater fan on that side and took a lot of grief after the game. 

  13. On 7/31/2020 at 6:48 PM, OldSchoolLion said:

    One of the better offensive linemen produced by the state of Florida.  He played for a losing team in high school.  He was a collegiate All-American and had a successful pro career.  When he was drafted into the NFL, he was the second highest OL chosen that year.

    Who is he?

    Where did he play in hs?

    Where did he play in college?

    What NFL team drafted him?

    Wayne Gandy - Central Florida's Polk County Sports Marketing

    He must be a 1970s or 1980s guy. He looks so small (not short) and athletic for an O Line. 

  14. 1 hour ago, OldSchoolLion said:

    A FL game that may be very intriguing to us from a competitive standpoint, even a state title game, may have little national appeal.  As an example, Columbus vs Apopka in the 8A title game last year was a super matchup, but how many folks from outside FL would have watched it knowing they might have had to pass on one of their own state's playoff games to do so?


    Hey, Columbus had a few big time recruits. And while you are right about Apopka, a smart coach would have had a chance to grab an outstanding, under recruited Apopka player named Jacquan Lowman. Appalachian state just got a gem, I might add. 

  15. 19 minutes ago, OldSchoolLion said:

    When your team's qb passes for well over 500 yards and rushes for well over 200 yards, you usually win.  Unbelievably, this team ended up losing their playoff game in a shootout in what had to be one of the tougher playoff losses in FHSAA history.

    Who was the team that lost that night?

    Who was that team's great qb?

    Hagerty High

    Jeff Driscol (sp)

    Lost to Lakeland

    Above is just a guess, but I do know Jeff starred in a losing effort in the playoffs at Lakeland. Jeff is one kid I though would star in college and go on to do well in the NFL. He was a man among boys in high school, but things just did not work out. 

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