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    uncleluke23 reacted to nolebull813 in Why UCF isn't 2017 National Champions Excuse thread.   
    They are not the national champions for a few reasons. 
    1. They didn’t play in a National Championship game, of even a game that was remotely close to having national championship ramifications. 
    2. Auburn finished number 10 after the game. So they beat the number 10 team as their argument. Not the number 1,2 or even 3 team. 
    3. UCF had close wins against teams who finished unranked. One score games against SMU and USF look really bad. Especially SMU. They didn’t have the grind of an SEC West, Big 10, Big 12 etc. 
    4. They barely beat Auburn. People keep forgetting the game was a dogfight. They didn’t blow them outs. It was tied 20-20 going into the 4th quarter. The game finished as a tightly contested one score game. Not impressive. 
    5. Their strength of schedule prohibits any consideration. It was terrible. When your best win is against a 3 loss team with 3 blowout losses you are already behind. 
    6. And finally, not one credible source named them National Champions, most notably The AP or Coaches. They won some random off the wall computer algorithm. The Colley-Matrix robot is not taken seriously by anyone in college football, and doesn’t have any effect on rankings whatsoever or anything remotely significant in college football. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to ColumbiaHighFan2017class in Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4   
    Btw I'll say this as well
    If you hate my rankings so much or think i do such a crap job, do your own damn rankings
    I put in hours each week when I could be doing plenty of other stuff, if you don't agree with something that's one thing but to imply i have no idea what I'm talking about or that i didn't put in effort is a load of bullshit considering I don't see anyone else on this entire forum doing a statewide rankings even up to 25 and I've been ranking 80 teams
    Even if you don't agree with what i did you can at least show respect for the effort i put into my rankings!
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    uncleluke23 reacted to ColumbiaHighFan2017class in Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4   
    Just because a team resides in SFL don't mean they are any good
    Most these "crap" North Florida teams as you describe them would blast teams like Piper and Northeast
    Just because those 2 are in South Florida don't mean they are any damn good
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    uncleluke23 reacted to ColumbiaHighFan2017class in Columbia vs Pine Forest   
    I actually expect this to be a close game tbh
    Pine Forest no slouch, while I feel Columbia gets the win we definitely won't have a easy battle to get to 4-0 
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from ColumbiaHighFan2017class in Columbia vs Pine Forest   
    PF is good to an extent, I just don't expect them to make it too deep in the playoffs. A lot of speed on the offensive side of the ball but the qb and offensive line are inconsistent. Defensively they're undersized but a solid group. I expect Columbia to win but I'm hoping Pine Forest at least keeps it close. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to badbird in Talk to me about Armwood?   
    Not sold.  Great program but they have a win over Lee who lost to Bartram Trail by 20 and Plant who lost to Venice bad.  We will find out
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    uncleluke23 reacted to Just A Coach in FNF Magazine for the 2019 Season is out!   
    I couldn't wait for that magazine to come out. It used to cover the entire state and had district breakdown and predictions. It had something to say about every high school program in the state of Florida. Crazy how fast it just went away
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    uncleluke23 reacted to badbird in Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa   
    Cocoa cleaning up on the transfers.  Looks like the new coach learned a thing or two from his time at STA
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    uncleluke23 reacted to gatorman-uf in The new North Florida League 1A   
    Madison though is playing 4 dimensional chess while the rest of us are playing checkers. The use of the charter school to siphon enough students away to lower their population numbers is darn near criminal in my opinion. If Madison played in the classification that their numbers are this wouldn't be an issue. As for Pahokee, they are who we thought they are. They couldn't even beat Hawthorne last year. 

    Imagine if every school could do this. Take every kid who could care so little about sports, band, cheerleading and put them in their own school and your population numbers is only kids who want to play sports, cheer, dance, do band, or just come to games. All of a sudden, we might get very different classifications. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to Zoe Boy in Florida Gators vs Miami Hurricanes 19   
    Trash last year cause of a coach that said his plays worked for 30 years and he’s gone now.. Y’all wasn’t lighting up last season like that.. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to LakelandGator in Willie must go...   
    Me and some Gator boosters are raising funds to secure a "lifetime" contact for Willie at Fsu.

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    uncleluke23 reacted to badbird in Alabama vs Clemson Yaaaawn   
    Also sitting out your junior year will probably hurt your stock and cost you millions.  Sitting out 1 game isn't going to hurt you and your season is basically over other than beating a fake national champ.
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    uncleluke23 reacted to nolebull813 in Just How Bad is 6A Region 2?   
    That is embarrassingly terrible. Holy smokes. 
    That's insane that one of these teams will be in a state semi final. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to DarterBlue2 in Who Got Screwed This Year in the Playoffs?   
    Given the new points system, all games should be made up. To have games not played or ending without a result is not acceptable. In fact, it may create a situation where two teams willfully conspire against another team keeping them out by creating just such a situation. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to DarterBlue2 in Lake Gibson and Plant.   
    Carol City by 31 over Lake Gibson
    ST. Thomas by about the same over Plant
    Plant and Lake Gibson are good, perhaps very good, but within the range of normality where Florida High School football teams are concerned. St. Thomas has a national powerhouse roster this year, and Carol City is playing very close to that level at this stage of the season. 
    I wish both could be more competitive. But from a bookie's (handicapper's) perspective, it would be exceedingly foolhardy to expect them to be. 
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from BrowardHandicapper in Northwest Florida Football   
    I think it's a big gap between Niceville and everybody else. Hard to say how good Crestview is due to their schedule. The offense looks great, defense suspect.
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    uncleluke23 reacted to james ricks in OT: Miami vs Florida state   
    Miami offense didn't do enough in the 2nd half to win the game, definately can't blame the defense, they kept Miami in it from the start
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    uncleluke23 reacted to AmstaffNole in Northwest Florida Football   
    You have lost all credibility if you think Baker or South Walton would beat Navarre lol...
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from BrowardHandicapper in Pine Forest loses to Escambia 0 -35?   
    That score is correct. Injuries and expulsions have done this team in. Starting qb got hurt first game and has been struggling to stay on the field since then. One of the starting running backs is out with a shoulder injury and another got expelled week 3. They had a couple more underclassmen get expelled. The talent is there but the coaching is definitely not up to par.
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    uncleluke23 reacted to BrowardHandicapper in If Armwood was in 7a or 8a, would they win states????   
    I have never attended a Vanguard game (for the record, I have never attended a Strawberry Crest game either).
    It is probably not just of my own opinion that Vanguard can't hang with 8 of the top 100 Nationally ranked teams.  I do watch games, and analyze a lot of film.  I keep up with rosters - depth, talent, review schedule strength - things like that.
    I have nothing bad to say about Vanguard.  In fact I have been open ears on here with 6A research and I think I rated them fairly with this group of teams in my 6A Preaseason top 25:
    I do consider myself more of a FL High School football analyst, blogger or ranter than a "rah, rah fan".  I try not to get attached to or hate on teams.  When I do root for teams, it is usually because they were a good team that had a tough loss the previous year and return a lot of players.  
    Regarding the "6A North Nonsense" -  I honestly do consider the level of play there from the top teams inferior to that of 8A,7A and 6A South.  I can back that up with how dominant Armwood is and what has happened to the Hawks since they began playing South Region teams 3 years ago. I will use Armwood as an example because they have by far been the most dominant 6A North team.  Not even close.
    Armwood last 3 seasons versus mostly 6A North competition:
    2013: @ Durant W 48-6, Blake W 32-6, @ Hillsborough W 37-2, Robinson W 27-0, @ Jefferson W 28-9, Leto W 74-0, @ Lennard W 49-6, King W 28-0, @ Chamberlain W 38-7, Strawberry Crest W 40-6, Venice W 31-19, Jefferson W 52-48, Springstead W 41-0, Bartram Trail W 35-28 OT, Miami Central L 7-52!  What would happen if Miami Central were playing those 6A North programs?
    2014: @ Plant L 19-21, Durant W 37-14, @ Blake W 37-0, Hillsborough W 26-0, @ Robinson W 28-6, Jefferson W 42-0, @ Leto, W 62-3, Lennard W 56-0, @ King W 39-0, Chamberlain W 43-0, @ Strawberry Crest W 42-0, Largo W 38-0, Venice W 42-14, Choctawhatchee W 19-15, Miami Central L 10-24!  Again?
    2015: Plant City W 49-7, @ Bloomingdale W 48-7, @ Chamberlain W 52-0, Plant W 21-3, Blake W 41-0, @ TB Tech W 25-20, Brandon W 35-19, @ King W 40-3, @ Hillsborough W 23-7, Sickles W 30-6, Sebring W 43-7, Brandon W 34-14, Gainesville W 40-20, Tate W 53-19, Miami Central L 13-48! How can a team lose like this and just obliterate all of these other 6A North teams?
    It would not make sense to break down what Vangaurd has done the last 3 years if they are not even in the class of a 6A North Armwood, would it?
    To conclude...in the big picture, if I know Armwood, I know what 6A North brings to the table versus 6A South.  Particularly Miami Central.  What I don't think you understand is Miami Central has 2 teams  in there own District that have arguably been as good or better than  Armwood the last 3 years.  Now I could keep going on such a premise and tell you about the other competitive 6A South teams.....I could get into 8A North and 8A South with the depth of great teams.  I could talk 7A North and South and prove how inferior 6A North is.  I can get into schedule strength , common opponents however you wish but at the end of the day you should take 6A North overall as nonsense compared to the other classifications, regions, and teams that we mentioned.
    For the record, I do believe Armwood would be much more successful at States if they were able to take advantage of playing strong opponents.  Unfortunately, it is sparsely available to them.  I also am one that believes Armwood in 2016 will give the 6A South Region everything they can handle, if not win States.  It is just a lot harder when you don't see those caliber teams week in and week out like the other regions I mentioned.  Beating Tate, Gainesville, Vanguard, or Pine Forest is not going to have you ready for Mainland, Miami Central, or Carol City.  Just saying.  
    Back to Vanguard and your response to me stating they would not score versus Flanagan....Flanagan shut out a lot better teams (IMO) than Vanguard this year.  I am looking at Vanguard's schedule right now.  The best teams they played were Buchholz, North Marion, and Gainesville....Vanguard was arguably a top 100 team in the State last year.  That is about all I can say about them.  I hear their roster is "loaded" this year but is that "loaded" 6A North Loaded or State Championship "loaded"?  Big difference.
    Have I supplied enough evidence as to why I feel it is safe to consider 6A North teams "nonsense"  when compared to the other teams mentioned in the string?
     If you wish, please feel free to tell me why 6A North overall has similar caliber teams to that of 6A South , 7A North, 7A South, 8A North, 8A South?  I'm all ears...
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from Panhandlecola in Panhandle top 10   
    I expect Pine Forest to make a deep run this year. Out of PF, Navarre, Niceville and Escambia, I think PF is better equipped to give Armwood a game in round 4. Team is loaded with legit speed on offense. If their secondary can play better than previous year's, they should be perfectly fine.
    Tate got completely manhandled in the spring game by PF, so I don't expect much out of them. They have a couple of prospects but this team lost too much to contend.
    I'm not sure what to make of Escambia yet. If their offense goes to a spread, they will give PF all kinds of trouble. Their defense has nice size but that side of the ball lost some good players.