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    uncleluke23 reacted to gatorman-uf in Madison County cheating?   
    As Darter explained, Madison isn't going to pull from other counties. I mean a move to Madison County is almost impossible for the average family because there are not a lot of financial opportunities in Madison County.  What Madison did is they created a charter school that lowers their enrollment down enough that rather than play at 3A, they play at 1A. 

    Even at 3A, Madison County would probably be a state finalist most years, but in 1A, your team is going to have to be a special team in order to beat them.  Trenton beat them, Pahokee beat them, but Madison has dominated the last 3 years. They will continue to dominate. A super team from Dixie, Trenton, and Chiefland could beat them, but beyond that, little chance. If I was a betting person, I would automatically put Madison into the state finals before it begins. 

    To the credit of Madison County, they have been a team that is willing to play anyone anywhere kinda attitude. They don't make excuses, which is why the move to 1A always surprised me. 
    2011: Face 4 private schools, lose in state championship to American Heritage
    2012: Face 4 private schools, lose in state championship to University School
    2013: No Playoffs
    2014: Face 2 public schools (including FSU High) and a private school, lose to Bolles
    2015: Move to 1A (lose to Trenton)
    2016: Lose to Pahokee

    Just like any school, I think Madison County got tired of playing private schools and losing. If they are in 3A, they face private schools almost the entire way through the playoffs. So in many ways, I don't blame them, but it is also the reason why a promotion and relegation system works. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to OldSchoolLion in Deerfield Beach Star Killed by Train   
    One paper reported the incident happened at 4AM.
    “He was a little stressed having the weight of the world on his shoulders by going [to a Division I school], and having to leave his two younger brothers and his family in an unstable environment,” Thomas Gowdy said.
    It's an all-too-common theme.  The promise of an NFL career...many of these kids need help/support now.  Regardless of the circumstances of his death, this young man was dealing with a rough time in life that some of us can remember.
    The media speaks of a scholarship like it is winning the lottery.  It is only the beginning of a very rough journey, and what we don't hear about is how many kids don't make it in college.  It's a good time to remember that each of us can make a huge difference in the lives of young men, if we choose.  God bless this child.  
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    uncleluke23 reacted to Wavebb in State Championships in Daytona   
    Went there years ago.  No problem until this year.  I have a close friend who is an Army Vet and served our country in Viet Nam.  He is wheelchair bound.  There were no accommodation's for him to see the games.  None!  That issue needs to be addressed for next year.  
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    uncleluke23 reacted to DarterBlue2 in Who Do guy's say have the toughest STATE TITLE GAME OF   
    Central has the best rushing attack I have seen all year and Escambia was not capable of slowing it down, let alone stopping it. All three of Central's backs would be feature backs on most teams. Perhaps, if Escambia could have borrowed Apopka's defensive front, they may have had a slim chance. As it was, they were over matched. 
    Other things of note: 1. Central is the most disciplined public high school I have seen out of south Florida in several years. They don't give up stupid penalties. 2. Central's defense can be scored on by good teams. But with the quality of their backs, they are very hard to beat. 3. Central has maintained a very solid kicking game. They don't put themselves in bad field position and that further hurt Escambia. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to fishspinners in escambia gators vs miami central   
    Those Miami Central RBs are special. I didn't get to see the game last night but I was at the Palmetto game. Those MC backs kept running off-tackle plays and breaking tackles one after another. Palmetto was in position alot/most of the time but those MC backs were never brought down by the first defender. 
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from topnotch305 in escambia gators vs miami central   
    So is Northwestern the most talented team in Dade ?
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    uncleluke23 reacted to skyway in escambia gators vs miami central   
    You'd need one school to hog all of the talent to have a shot nowadays.
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    uncleluke23 reacted to Zoe Boy in escambia gators vs miami central   
    You think Miami Central is a all star team or has most of the talent in Dade lol 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to skyway in escambia gators vs miami central   
    Escambia would qualify as an excellent, perhaps legendary, team per the standards of the 1980s or 90s. Before the trend of mass consolidation of area talent on a few teams, Escambia would have been a state champion mentioned as arguably the best team in their school's history. But they, along with, frankly, all of the other teams in those days, are no match for a team as loaded with Dade county's best players like Central is in recent years. They'd need to raid Pine Forest's roster to have a chance to beat a team like Miami Central.
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    uncleluke23 reacted to Dan in Daytona in escambia gators vs miami central   
    The Rocket OL domination was a thing of beauty. They were throwing blocks down field 10,20,30,40+ yards. Sure they have great RB's, but the motors on that front 5 or 6 was a text book example of giving 100%. Any H.C.,O.C., or O.L. coach in Florida that can't learn from this title game video needs to be in another line of work.....Wizards, keep it simple.  #hometowndig 
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from skyway in escambia gators vs miami central   
    Well it was fun while it lasted lol. I did say Escambia defense would have their hands full but man 300 rushing yards in the 1st half is something I didn't imagine happening. 
    Escambia offense moving the ball and the kick returns have really helped get them in the endzone. That 5-2 defense was a great gameplan by Central. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to skyway in escambia gators vs miami central   
    Very few teams have the personnel up front to match up with the Central OL and backs. And, with 4 fast WRs spread out and a decent passer, you can't load the box consistently. This is what I would have said had I been able to reply earlier. Of course, by now, you probably can see with your own eyes.
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from DarterBlue2 in escambia gators vs miami central   
    Why do you think it's unlikely for Escambia to contain Central running game ? All 3 of their RB do look legit, the OL continues to be their strength and the QB looks good and accurate so I do think Escambia defense will have their work cut out for them tonight. 
    I agree it's smart money to go with Central but Escambia has a great shot to win this game. Hopefully the QB can limit bad throws so Escambia doesn't lean too heavy on their running game. It's a 1 man running game and I'm sure he'll be playing both ways. 
    I'm anxious to see the team from the Panhandle play against the Dade County powerhouse and in the end hopefully earn some respect for the area.
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    uncleluke23 reacted to DarterBlue2 in Bolles/BTW   
    Yeah, that coach was obviously very good.
    Sure, but BTW has had a very difficult path to the state game and were able to get there.
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    uncleluke23 reacted to ColumbiaHighFan2017class in Who Do guy's say have the toughest STATE TITLE GAME OF   
    BTW will beat Bolles
    Bolles faced one good team in their entire bracket and needed them to turn ball over repeatedly to escape at home
    Jones and Escambia are no pushovers and should test both teams and are fully capable of winning if their opponent don't bring their A game in Daytona
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    uncleluke23 reacted to LHSTrojan in Small Classification State Championships   
    Living in Tallahassee, I’m attending the three championship games and I thought that I’d post my thoughts on the games and experience here as each game raps up.
    Game 1: Victory Christian vs. Champagnat
    Attendance: At peak I would estimate about 4-500 fans on the VC side and about 60 or so on the Champ side for a total of about 500. There were a few locals but overall I feel the local media market did a bad job of promoting. I talked some with 3 HS football fans from South Georgia who had heard about the game the same day and decided to drive down.
    Atmosphere: Not bad for a Thursday night game involving two out of town teams. The first half the crowd was pretty engaged, however as the game wore on and Champ took control, it did fade a bit down the stretch. Props to VC for bringing their cheerleaders and a drum line to the game. Also, I want to give kudos to the FHSAA who really has done a great job transforming Gene Cox Stadium into a championship atmosphere.
    The Game: Early on it looked like VC was going to take control. They did a very good job initially spreading the field and moving the ball, but then for some reason after some initial success, they transitioned into a running game between the tackles and got stuffed for the rest of the night. Champ did a much better job mixing things up, but it was a pretty sloppy game for both teams. Lots of odd playcalling decisions on both sides (Champ attempting an onside kick up 21 in the late 3rd quarter, odd short yardage play calls on 4th and 15-20 by VC). Just overall sort of a weird game, but pretty entertaining.
    Looking Ahead: Should be a great atmosphere tonight. I’m expecting 3,000 people or more depending on how well Chaminade travels. Weather will be perfect. Should be a good game.
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    uncleluke23 reacted to nolebull813 in Why is there a bye before state game?   
    This state should have 5 classes and the games should be in Jacksonville every year. 
    believe it or not but Jacksonville is the most centrally located city in the state. About 5 hours from Miami and 5 hours from Pensacola. 
    Orlando is 6 hours from Pensacola and 3.5 hours from Miami for comparison. 
    5 games in Jacksonville. 2 games on Friday, 3 games on Saturday. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to Nulli Secundus in Miami Schools Championship Run   
    Additional classes has made it easier.  No county in Florida has the sheer amount of schools with the level of depth that can compete in different classes. Dade (yes I know it’s Miami-Dade but I’m old school) has had a great amount of schools reach title games over the decades but it was not an almost guaranteed appearance like it is today.  There was a 14-year period between ‘77 and ‘91 when Dade didn’t win away titles as there were only 4-5 classes and there was more parity.  Today, we have twice that number of classes and unless you have enough good teams in multiple classes, by numbers alone, it would be damn near impossible for Dade not to get a team in the title game.  If you look at Florida most populous counties, there’s almost a direct correlation between population rank and rank in titles.  That’s not always constant as some counties punch higher and others, not so much.
    Population                    Titles
    Miami-Dade            38.5 Broward                   27 Palm Beach             30 Hillsborough           11 Orange                    6.5 Pinellas                    0 Duval                        31 Lee                            0 Polk                          17 Brevard                    14      21.   Escambia              12
         22.   Leon                        21
    Leon County has won more titles than 62 of Florida’s 67 counties despite being the 22nd largest Florida county. Escambia makes Hillsborough, Orange, Lee & Pinellas counties look bad in terms of raw numbers and they have a chance to add another title this year. Orange also has 3 chances to increase their title counts.
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from 181pl in Gaither gonna bust Escambia's ass! What say you?   
    Gaither had a lot of penalties and I'm not sure what was going on late in the game. Lack of a running game really hurt them and the QB was running for his life most of the night.
    Escambia had their fair share of penalties and should have been called for a late hit/ targeting in the 3rd. That's really the only one that stood out besides the penalties late in the game. 
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from Vaquero in Gaither gonna bust Escambia's ass! What say you?   
    You still feel the same way after this game ? Armwood lost tonight as well. 
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from muckboy561 in Gaither gonna bust Escambia's ass! What say you?   
    You still feel the same way after this game ? Armwood lost tonight as well. 
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    uncleluke23 reacted to Phfootball9 in Tampa Bay/West Coast Falls on its Face   
    Travel had nothing to do with Gaither's loss. In warmups you knew they did not have the horses to match up with this years Escambia team. BTW I am no fan of Escambia, but they have a real shot this year.
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    uncleluke23 reacted to badbird in State of Florida Football   
    So is your mom but we don’t talk bad about her. Maybe Baker and Blountstown are what 1A teams should be and Madison should be 3A or 4A 
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from DarterBlue2 in Gaither gonna bust Escambia's ass! What say you?   
    You still feel the same way after this game ? Armwood lost tonight as well. 
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    uncleluke23 got a reaction from Just A Coach in Gaither gonna bust Escambia's ass! What say you?   
    You still feel the same way after this game ? Armwood lost tonight as well. 
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