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  1. We received an email from Riddell talking about delays in helmets being returned. Fortunately all of ours are back. Also its an 8-10 week delay on receiving new helmets if you ordered them.
  2. Yes I saw their post and responded but no one ever responded back. Would have loved to play them, travel time means nothing...I do remember the 2019 situation, I don't remember why it fell through. Mainland saw my message on Twitter about week 9 and contacted me so we agreed to play. Maybe next cycle we can play Columbia.
  3. Lol...no problem sir, would be pretty cool to play Columbia. They have a rich tradition. Maybe one day we can set it up.
  4. No one on the Osceola staff has had contact with anyone from Columbia, currently looking for a Week 3 road game. Osceola Schedule 2022 Spring Edgewater KOC @Apopka Week 1 Treasure Coast Week 2 Seminole Week 3 Open Week 4 Open Week 5 @Rockledge Week 6 @St Cloud Week 7 @Lakeland Week 8 @Celebration Week 9 Mainland Week 10 Tohopekaliga Week 11 West Orange
  5. Osceola plays St Cloud Week 3, Week 6 is a District Week. We have 5 non-district games scheduled, waiting on district assignments to complete the schedule.
  6. Wow, didn't think it would go through when it was presented at the FACA. I did hear a lot of coaches speaking favorably about it. Guess I'm gonna have to get use to a suburban lifestyle LOL
  7. Saw the highlights as well, well played game...I immediately went to their school website to look at their roster and schedule. https://stmct.org/football_schedule_roster/
  8. We have a kid that falls under this same thing. The lady at the District office told our guidance people to check back on Monday and it all should be finalized.
  9. Any chance to get some one on one work against someone who isnt't your teammate is a good opportunity I would assume, and since they have a few kids that are being recruited by UCF it was probably a chance for them to get on campus and meet coaches face to face. Osceola doesn't do well in games that don't count, probably why they rarely win spring games or KOCs....but what do I know, I'm just a casual fan. Hopefully they can rebound from the piss poor performance at UCF and have some sort of decent season. West Orange is definitely the favorite in the district followed by DP who is always a top team.
  10. LOL .....Osceola beat Nease, Gaither and West Port pretty easily at UCF in pool play, they lost to Winter Park 20-14 and had the ball at the 1 yard line when time expired but you knew that since you watched. Osceola had a 1st round bye in bracket play then lost to a good Dillard team 12-6 in OT, at Osceola they don't put much stock in touch football, they make sure they focus on the real thing. They will be ready once the season starts, we can review this post later in the season.....
  11. Very on point! Good analysis Mr. Icaza
  12. I remember the Philadelphia Eagles proposed an alternative to onside kicks: To provide an alternative to the onside kick that would allow a team who is trailing in the game an opportunity to maintain possession of the ball after scoring (4th and 15 from the kicking team’s 25-yard line).
  13. Tickets for Edgewater at Osceola are available online only, first come first serve.....here is the website for purchase. https://www.osceolaschools.net/Page/6154
  14. Yes sir!!! They are on the schedule so it won't be said that the Kowboys are "ducking" them.......
  15. Osceola is down this year, OL is young, inexperienced skill kids, they hope to be able to compete with a team like Vero
  16. Do you have a hidden camera in our office?
  17. We tried to reschedule with Viera during their Bye week (October 20th)...They played Martin County on October 13th, wanted to play on Monday or Tuesday of the following week which would have been the 16th or 17th....repeated calls went unanswered and messages not returned. I even reached out to one of the coaches that's friends with me on Facebook, he said he would say something to the Head Coach, weeks later he still has never brought the subject back up.
  18. They moved Corbin to QB late in the game against us....ran read option with him, scored then went away from it.
  19. We played Rockledge earlier this year, I said in a post there that they were very talented and athletic...#3 gave us hell from his LB spot and #5 and #6 were game breakers.... good win for the Rock, they will be a tough out in 5A
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    Great job as always @badbird
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