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OT: New Jersey Football Playoffs

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I know this is a Florida board, but I promise I have a point that relates to Florida football. First, New Jersey is weird when it comes to football, they are the only state that does not play down to one group champion. In other words, they basically have 4 regional/sectional champions for a given group/classification. They also separate out their private schools from the public schools. Recently, they expanded the number of classifications for public schools to 5 and this proposal increases it to 8, but reduces the regions down 2.

My favorite quote though from the article is "Pequannock (528 kids) against Mahwah (692) in Group 2 is an extreme example." of a difference in school size. Basically this proposal would shrink that gap. I have to laugh as that as extreme example though. I know as school size gets bigger, size becomes less important. It is one of the reasons why 1A Rural schools argue for a hard cap at 600 or similarly in 2A. Reality is that pass a certain number of students, the talent gap is not that big. Lazl, on another board, posts interclassification results each year and the results bare out that 6-8A is pretty evenly matched.

Could you imagine if our goal was to have no more than a 100 or 200 student gap per classification?

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