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      READ before logging into your account.   05/15/2017

      The forums on FloridaHSFootball.com went under a recent upgrade. During that upgrade, some things changed including how usernames were handled. As such, some changes may have taken place and your username may not have translated to your display name which could cause you problems in logging in. If you experience an issue DO NOT, register for a new user account. Instead, email me at joshua.wilson@floridahsfootball.com with your previously known username that you went by and associated emails you have used with the account. 9 times out of 10 I can make a fix to your account. If you have signed up for a new account already prior to me posting this, please email me so I can merge your accounts so you can claim your old posts as well. Thank you! Josh
    • Joshua Wilson

      READ before posting rumors   06/01/2017

      Due to some recent posts that have been posted on unqualified rumors, I am having to take an extra step to keep things safeguarded our working relationships we have with teams, schools, and players. If you have a rumor that could potentially damaging to a program (i.e. Oxbridge rumor from yesterday), you will have to message me directly on here. There was a ton of backlash on the Oxbridge post yesterday and while you all might not have seen it, my email and Twitter DM's blew up.
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sunshine state baller

Braden River Again!

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    • I don't think centennial has the horses quite yet to be #2 in the district after going to a couple of their practices. They are definitely catching up quick though 
    • Well a lot of these privates are already doing it   The open transfer rule is so teams can be built to increase the competition level and compete with these schools like sta for example    It would be almost impossible for a north team to gather enough talent to challenge them but with open transfer teams could be built overnight and create some balance    In large cities like Tampa and Jacksonville and Miami and Orlando it been happening for years,  this just means smaller areas can now do the same 
    • If I may, would like to get feedback on what players, fans, and coaches feel about the new policy on unbridled transfers. What are your ideas on any player being able to transfer to any school at any time? Is it really a good idea to allow certain teams to build "super teams" or "all star" teams? Are the results going to be that there will be a handful of super teams with the rest of the teams unable to compete in any meaningful way? If the purpose of a high school is to promote school pride and dedication, along with academics and competition, how will this be accomplished for most of the schools that have been depleted of their best athletes? Also, what kind of games will we be watching where the outcome is non competitive due to one team being so much better than the other based solely upon good players having transferred in as opposed to homegrown talent? Are we in fact creating a monster situation?  My opinion has not yet been fully formulated and the reason why I would like to hear differing opinions from folks that follow high school football as much as I do.  
    • If u look back on my early spring breakdown of the district, u can see that i had Vero and Centen makin playoffs but the system is different this year tho
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