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Columbia vs Lee

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2 minutes ago, Proseteye said:

IMO slow down or stop Sapp and Nicholson and you've got the game won. Sapp has only .385% completion stats which means he's not that accurate. Seems that his completions are downfield shots for scores. 

Yeah i agree 


This game is one where we shut down Lee qb and we have them finished


This is best Columbia team they have faced since 2015 when we won 53-0


While i don't expect it to be that lopsided this time around this Columbia team is out to prove we aren't just some weak regional team who isn't good enough to  win district 


These players know what's at stake this week and they are tired of listening to Lee this and Lee that and how Lee is a better program, i expect them to come out hot and on fire out of the gate and much faster than we did last night with Buchholz 

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It has been 1089 days since we last defeated Lee 


That drought ends in 3 days,  ik people out there are hoping Lee blasts us so they can trash me for it but I'll be looking forward to that clock hitting zero and us removing all doubt that we aren't garbage this year 

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1 minute ago, JaxFootballGuy said:

I wont be unfortunately. I'd like to be there to see it. There are other good games in the area that are a little closer. 

It will also be live streamed with duval sports


You going to Bolles vs Trinity Christian? 




And perhaps you can check us out week 6 when we travel to Trinity Christian 

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7 minutes ago, JaxFootballGuy said:

I havent decided yet, but im more interested in Fletcher/Raines.

That might be a underrated matchup 


Columbia vs Lee and Bolles vs Trinity Christian are getting all the attention but that one should be a solid but underrated game

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16 minutes ago, 954gator said:

That and some blocked punts etc.  Lee figured out the backup QBs weakness and got them pinned a couple times. 



We got sloppy late but we did what we had to in order to win,  we don't care about style points,  a win by 5 counts the same in record book as a win by 40



People that believe in this Columbia team will do so regardless of the final score of game,  a win a win and that puts us on fast track to a district championship


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