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Quiz-Ranked Teams of the 90's

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11 Florida teams finished in the top 25 of the end-of-season USA Today polls of the 90's.  Which 10 teams?  Only one team finished twice in the top 10.  Who was it?  CAROL CITY

1990 3. Gainesville Buchholz (14-0)
1991 5. Fort Walton Beach (14-0)
1992  7. St Thomas Aquinas (14-0) 22. Bradenton Manatee (13-1)
1993 5. Miami Southridge (15-0), 6. Bradenton Southeast 15-0
1994 19. Bradenton Southeast (14-1)
1995 12. Bolles (14-1)
1996 9. Carol City (14-1), 16. Lakeland, Fla. (15-0)
1997 5. Carol City (15-0)

1998 4. Northwestern (15-0)
1999 6. Lakeland (15-0), 20. Glades Central(15-0)

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17 hours ago, nolebull813 said:



Fort Walton Beach 



Southeast x2


Carol City x2

Lakeland x2

Miami Northwestern 

Glades Central 


Carol City is the team with 2 top 10 finishes 

You are correct, except I miscounted and there were actually 11 teams instead of ten.  So, there is one more and that is St Thomas in 1992..  Sorry for the error on my part.


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Answers are in original post. Some of our modern-day powerhouses were not powerhouses, or even terribly good, back in the 90's.  And some of the powerhouses from back then have fallen off.  

So, who knows what things in FL may look like in the 2040's.   

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