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    • But the idea of the USA as some sort of near meritocracy is a myth. What you say is less the case today than it was 40-50 years ago.
    • As you observed, I am sure, there is a macho culture that exists in law enforcement and the fire service.  It impacts attitudes toward everything.  About 25 years ago, I knew a young lady who was a firefighter.  She was injured in the line of duty, so she paid her dues. She was a married woman and worked throughout a pregnancy.   The firehouse, which was in a major metro area, did not have coed bathrooms.  You would think the guys would have some sensitivity for a veteran pregnant woman, right?  They were so cruel and did such heinous things to that pregnant woman, she ended up leaving the fire service.   
    • I used Ref (referee) because you are part of the officiating crew. I meant no insult. Regarding the police, they reflect the training they receive and the general perception they have towards the population they are supposed to serve. Back in the late 1990s, I took a well paid civilian job with the Sheriff's office of one of the Central Florida counties. Despite great benefits and a 40 hour workweek, I left that job after six months, and returned to my former employer (sixty hour workweeks and all with no overtime). I did so because I found the attitude that was pervasive there towards poor people in general, and people of color specifically, was difficult for me to deal with.  And this attitude was pervasive, it included almost all the deputies as those of color were not exempt. 
    • All Ik is .... JAX TCA ready time make it back to state this year ... they got about 8 kids with d1 offers right now maybe more .. and I’m tellin u all them TCA KIDS been putting it big time work this off season !!!! 
    • This video with Trevor Noah really hit hard on how society is in America. You can watch the entire 18 minute video but he hits home after the 8 minute mark of the video.  
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