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Are they doing a All Classification/All Florida team this year? Meaning 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams regardless of classification. I know it’s a lot of work but was awesome to see the past few years! 

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3 hours ago, badbird said:

they already did it about a month ago

Meant to say All-Florida teams. It was one last year that included Big schools and small schools All Florida if I’m not mistaken! 

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    • If there is any ignorance being demonstrated here I think it might be by somebody other than me. Over the course of evolution we have been hit with many new virus's and have developed immunities for most of them, and that is what we are doing right now, developing immunities to Covid19, except for the weak and unhealthy. We have hid long enough, its time to get back to living almost normal lives. Our young people have to get back to work before we totally destroy our economy. I'm 78 years old with diabetes, being overweight, and two stokes, a totally high risk subject. I had my flu shot in the fall but I still contracted the flu (or covid19) in the last weak of January while attending a high school basketball game. I'm still alive and ready to go to a high school football game.
    • Like the yearly flu vaccine that is usually 10% effective?
    • Coach, we have shut down for long enough. I will agree with that. What we did not do effectively, though, is ramp up testing and contact tracing during the shutdown. This is were we and China differed. One of my sons, a proud Apopka alumni, lives in China. So, I am very aware of how they handled theirs compared to how we have handled ours. Now to be fair, China is not America. Their system of government is more authoritarian. But if you look at South Korea and Taiwan, as well, a stark pattern emerges as to how we have behaved versus how they did. And it shows in the results.  I am now in my mid 60's. I have maintained good health due to strict diet and exercise. I would love to see my grandchild reach adulthood. You can be sure I will not engage in undisciplined, reckless behavior to compromise that. Based on where we are going in the USA you are probably right. Most of us will have to get it before it runs its natural course, unless a vaccine arrives within the next year. But I strongly feel it did not have to happen this way.  I am now retired, so I don't have to navigate the potential minefield of work. So, until we have a vaccine, effective treatment, or it "magically goes away", or it shows clear signs of having run its course, I will restrict my activities to my morning walk/run, grocery shopping, and other essential activities. For the first time in 22 seasons, I think I will miss the entire high school football season. 
    • I do research history for HSFB in the state and found that only a handful of teams played football in 1918. It was less than 10 teams and they only played a couple games at most. I’ll try and find the results from 1918 when I get home
    • lol    I agree with some of your points Darter.  Someone on a team is going to get it and it will quickly spread to them all.  Teams will have to cancel games and maybe the season.  Not sure the answer and what you can do sports wise.  However it appears we are headed right back to opening every thing up.  It's almost like the China virus never existed.  Problem is the virus isn't going away.  Just as many people are getting it every day.  I almost feel like until 70-80% of the people get it, it is not going to slow down.  I think the virus has to run it's course and not much we can do to stop it.   
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