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Coaching Changes across Florida

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feel bad for them, looks like the end of the line I have been around long enough that when a outsider comes in they screw everything up, they change the system and the try to fix something that aint broke it the teams don't seem to hit the same level they had bf

Depends on who that outsider is. I think they could have a lot of success next year and even win another state title. However, I doubt they will be in contention for a national title...although a W over STA could change that. 

We'll see though another crazy offseason in south florida

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More coaching updates ...


Greg Meyer promoted to HC at Plant City. Was in DC role previously. 


Marc Beach has stepped down from Seabreeze. 


Chris Gauntlett has stepped down as the Tavares HC.


Mount Dora HC Ben Bullock stepped down to accept the HC job at Ocoee.


Gibbs is seeking a head coach. 


Lake Placid seeks a head coach; previously held by Jason Robinson. 


Highlands Christian seeks a head coach; previously held by Nathan Revell. 


Vernon seeks a head coach; previously held by Bobby Johns. 


Bishop McLaughlin seeks a head coach; previously held by Craig Moore. 


Jupiter seeks a head coach; previously held by Doug Uccellini, Jr. 


Westland Hialeah seeks a head coach; previously held by Mike Manasco. 

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im assuming u aready know who the coach is, well guess what apples and oranges I stracth your back you sctrach mine, I told u all in advance our kickoff game even though at the time it was not official, so I think u can give me a little heads up on new coach besides odds are I wont even know the name u tell me unless its someone like jon gruden

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More Coaching Changes:


Mount Dora has hired Donnie Burchfield


Vernon has hired Willie Spears, formerly of Escambia.


Tampa Blake has hired Adam Hill, former assistant for the AFL's Tampa Bay Storm. Previously was also the HC at Citrus Park Christian.


Brian Hatler has been hired by North Port.


Mike Mincy has been hired by Pensacola.


Frank Andrea is in at Eagle's View.


Daniel Luque was promoted from an assistant role to head coach at University School.


Rashad West left Coral Springs for Island Coast.


Ronnie Douglas left Tate and Tate has tabbed Jay Lindsey, QBs coach, as the interim coach.


Kevin Womble is in at Holmes County.


Mike Gregory returned to Tampa Catholic Mar. 23 after announcing his resignation about a month ago.

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IMG Academy has tabbed Kevin Wright, formerly of Union (OK), Trinity (KY), Warren Central (IN) and Carmel (IN), as the new head coach.


Steve Walsh is leaving Cardinal Newman to become the Director of Football at IMG and will oversee things such as camps, training and development. 

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UPDATE TIME!! Here's the latest .....


Earl Tillman, Jr. will take over at Miami Booker T. Washington


Seth Stebbins will take the reins at Hamilton County. Replaces Blair Armstrong who retired. 


Josh Smithers resigned from Cardinal Mooney. Paul Maechtle (an assistant) will be an interim HC. 


Gerald "Skip" Saunier has been promoted to HC at Seabreeze. 


Zack Whittenburg in at Hilliard. 


Jeff Schaum in at Creekside. 


Scott McDaniel in at St. Francis. 


Tommy Moody in at Flagler Palm Coast


Troy Harrison is taking over at Pine Crest. 


David LaMarre in at Tavares. Was at St. Francis the past two years. 


Andy Siegal left Boyton Beach to be come OC at Savannah State University, a FCS program. 


Boyton Beach replaced Siegal with Errick Lowe. 


Coral Springs has tabbed assistant Vincent Ziccardi as the new HC. 

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ok, who is earl tillman jr? im guessing coach of a team in south florida since I haven't heard of him


Was the HC of BTW a few years ago for the 08-10 seasons. Compiled a 28-9 record between the elder Harris' tenures. [H/T golfaddict1 on the National HS FB board.]


Sounds like he may have been an assistant since???? (Can't confirm where he has been since.)

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    • If our malaise were shared, I would not be pissed. But it is not. The maldistribution of wealth in contemporary USA, is off the charts. There are far fewer beggars on the streets of Shanghai or Bijing than they are in the USA. Of course, most people here don't realize this. But I have been fortunate enough to travel, and I have seen a lot. 
    • No doubt we have problems.  As Americans, we have incredibly high expectations out of life.  Having spent time in other countries and seeing how simply some others live, I think at least part of our "misery" is our due to disappointment over the ways we think things "should" be.  That's not to say what is going on in our country at this time is fair or right, but I come across a lot of miserable people who still have food on the table and a car in the driveway.  As I have gotten older, I have lowered my expectations and found myself to be a lot happier.  That includes my expectation of people.  We are all very flawed individuals.  Getting outraged over the actions of others...I have to constantly remind myself how irrational it is to think that others are going to live by my standards and expectations.  That is not to say that certain behaviors are not worthy of protest.  But being in a constant stew over it does nothing but cause me to be miserable.  Being in such a state of self-pity can cause me to be overly selfish, and miss those opportunities where I might truly be able to make a difference in the world..such as helping a brother or sister in need.   
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    • I dont doubt for a second you know your football. I'm just saying that coaches trade film through hudl now. Its usually yours and the opponents last two games. Before Hudl we would have to meet up halfway on a saturday and trade VHS or DVD film. Made more sense to have a scout at the games back then but not anymore. Now we download our game film right after our game and trade with the opposing team that night through Hudl. Trust me you get way more out of watching film than you do scouting a game live. Cant rewind and pause plays when your at a live game scouting...LOL. But scouting live does have some advantages like the flow of the game and personnel substitutions. 
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