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2021 grads feeling the squeeze?

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With the NCAA granting current college kids an extra year of eligibility, how many high school athletes in this year's graduating class are feeling the squeeze and not getting the offers that they would have received in the past?   Thinking all sports, not just football.   I know of a couple of basketball players and one or two baseball players that likely would have received multiple offers in any other year, but coaches are holding back offers, in large part because they don't even know if they'll have scholarships available. Anyone else got a war story?  What are kids doing?  A post-grad year?  A gap year?   A year or two of community college in hopes of transferring into a D1 school once the logjam of players clears out? 

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Problem is that even if they go to a JUCO, it doesn't solve the back log. Sure, some kids who would have petered out drop during those 1 or 2 years, but that is generally always true. Generally, I would say it would many years for this fix itself, but the transfer portal will make this solved easier after 1 or 2 years. Basically, a whole bunch of kids who are attending a school are going to enter the transfer portal and then realize nobody wants them and they will quit. Thus freeing up spots for the high school players.


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    • Plantation hasn’t been the same in a few years now. And Dillard haven’t been in the same district as STA since 08.    amd STA hasn’t faced a strong talented well coached Dillard team this decade. Now don’t get me wrong STA may still win this October matchup but Dillard is nowhere near the same Dillard of old.    and the last time we faced plantation we demolished them, so all I’m saying is it’s gonna be a great matchup I never predicted a winner. 
    • I said I would be surprised because Broward publics haven't had a strong track record against STA as of late    When's the last time a Broward public not named DFB beat them? Dillard isn't a bad team but this isn't the same Dillard of the 80s-early 00s   Just look at what STA did to plantation in both matchups 2 seasons ago, and plantation is no push over and you should know this considering plantation past history with Dillard   I think Dillard has taken a step in the right direction but I'm gonna need to see more to feel confident picking Dillard to beat STA, again if Dillard can beat them then I'll be the first one to come on here and eat crow though
    • Probably because the Dade publics usually get more transfers than STA but people overlook that detail    People look at privates as transfer loaded but many publics actually get more transfers than the privates that are called cheaters, I'm seeing that up here in North Florida and it been happening in SFL for years
    • And I can respect that, but in the same breath in your first comment you went str8 to “st Thomas isn’t gonna be easy etc etc” when nobody ever said they were.   u also said you don’t see us beating them, how can u say that not knowing wha Dillard has you went as far as to say you would be surprised if Dillard won” ignoring the face Dillard is on a 22 game winning streak and they could have very well won 6A last year, but we would never know because we was never given that opportunity but the opportunity we was delt we won the title. Now am I comparing any of those teams to st Thomas or any other team in 7A ijs. 
    • Why would kids drive from Nassau county to Bolles in the southside of Jacksonville?
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