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  1. Ribault & Jefferson HC out

    Not a peep from DCPS or anyone in the know about what is going on at Ribault. They are claiming it is "internal," which, in most cases, doesn't bode well.
  2. Mandarin Situation Is Disappointing

    Two of those players above (Mitchell and Douglas) transferred to Mandarin last year before it was known who the coach would even be. The other two (Beck and Oxendine) were specifically quoted stating that they wanted the opportunity to play in the largest class. Go look it up in the TU, its there. Who is going to tell them they can't? We are not busting at the seams with 8A schools up here. Currently, there are only two, Mandarin and Sandalwood. Again, Mandarin is a magnet school. Anyone can go there. If you don't like it, then go petition the Legislature to change the rules about counties designating specialty schools. If you think it was bad before....just wait. Mandarin returns their QB and loses all of their skill players. Every skill player with a half a star next to his name within a 100 mile radius is going to try to transfer to Mandarin for next season. I don't blame them one bit either since the rest of the QB talent in the state leaves a lot to be desired. But the weakest of all arguments is "They have no playoff history" or even better... "Oh, but they paid their dues..." Like it is a right of passage or something. WTF? So I guess we should just hand them something as a long time achievement award? Guess what? Columbus just wasn't good enough when they got to this point, last night or in 2014. Period. No need to sugar coat. Find a way to get over the hump. Mandarin did and they can too. Maybe their coaches should take a look at why their star studded defense full of players with plenty of Power 5 options was getting shredded by a group of skill players with offers from places like Western Kentucky, FIU, Tennessee-Martin, and the best is that the guy who torched them the worst has no D1 offers at all. Or how a defense full of zero star guys held their Power 5 bound back in check except for a couple of 30 yd runs in the middle of the field. By the way, Mandarin was a regional finalist a couple of years ago, so they did have some history. Definitely a lot more now. They have only been open since the 90's, so sorry they don't win the longevity award of 50 plus years. I guess they should have waited until then to begin participating in sports. As for Mandarin winning without those four, of course they wouldn't have. Almost every title winning team ever can be narrowed down to a handful of players making the difference and I bet the lion's share of those arrived at their schools due to similar situations. Hell, Mandarin won more games this year along the I-4 corridor than they did in their own damn stadium. Maybe all this is just that Mandarin pissed in the Wheaties of all the peeps downstate who believe that it is some divine intervention that large school titles are theirs and theirs alone. Welp, that changed last night. Time to get over it. Both teams played very hard last night and everyone from the Columbus side that I came in contact with was extremely respectful and showed nothing but utmost in class, a rarity in today's world. Pretty sad when people get butt hurt and have to start nit picking because things aren't going the way they feel they should.
  3. Mandarin Situation Is Disappointing

    Mandarin is one of three magnet high schools within DCPS, the others being Paxon and Stanton. Anyone in the county is free to go there as long as there is a spot open for them and they meet their requirements.
  4. Class 8A title game Mandarin vs Columbus

    That is the key. Constant pressure on the QB. It needs to be consistent or he is certain to find open guys in space because their offense feasts off finding mismatches and soft spots in zones. That has been every Mandarin opponents' downfall the entire playoffs, even Wekiva's, who has an exceptionally gifted defensive front seven. It has been partially due to Mandarin's O-Line playing very well and partially due to CB quickly making a decision and getting rid of the ball or rolling him out of the pocket to buy more time. Wekiva sacked him twice, but got very little pressure otherwise, which allowed Mandarin to complete chunk plays against them that they (Wekiva's D) otherwise hadn't given up all year. Don't recall any of the other three opposing defenses sacking or even hitting him much at all. Some of that is due to Mandarin just pounding the ball in second halves because the outcomes were already certain. Should be fun to watch. Most importantly though, someone is going to win their first title tonight and that is always a good thing.
  5. So i saw this on facebook and wanted people opinion of it

    Not surprising really. Too bad they only pay coaches a little stipend, basically the same little stipend I got for being a tech coordinator while teaching elementary school. Believe me, it wasn't much. Then they wonder why coaches leave and go to Alabama...just using that as an example. Well....pay them something and they may stay.
  6. So i saw this on facebook and wanted people opinion of it

    Well, hopefully Mandarin can get it done Saturday or at least be consistent in the upcoming years. We don't need any more of going from first to worst.....like Flanagan has done.
  7. So i saw this on facebook and wanted people opinion of it

    Yep. That darn social media will get em every time. A dynamic we didn't have back in the day....thank god.
  8. So i saw this on facebook and wanted people opinion of it

    Haha, Lee was on the wrong side of Karma. If a certain officiating crew could actually count they probably wouldn't have even played Edgewater.
  9. So i saw this on facebook and wanted people opinion of it

    Mandarin has always been known as sort of a sleeping giant since it opened in 1990. Lots of resources and community support, but could never get the right guy in there to make it happen. Coaches would just come and go, so no one really paid them any attention until recently.
  10. So i saw this on facebook and wanted people opinion of it

    Raines...maybe. They have been qualifying for state title games since the 70's. As of now they are the only Gateway school with any titles. Waiting to see if we can add Mandarin to that list. Mandarin has no history, other than this year and 2015. Lee comes and goes, but hasn't qualified for a title game since the 60's. Bolles and TCA's success can be directly linked to a single coach for each school. One recently retired (Bolles) and the TCA coach probably isn't too far behind. Prior to those coaches, Bolles was decent and TCA was a lay up for anyone on their schedule.
  11. I've seen Raines. It is really simple. Stop Brandon Marshall. QB is average and nothing like last year. If Cocoa stops him they have an excellent chance to win.
  12. Apopka Coach on the Move?

    Will definitely be interesting to watch and see what happens.
  13. Miami-Dade Has the Edge over Jacksonville Teams

    Yep. Trinity Christian Academy of Football.
  14. Update on Nationally-Ranked St Frances' Problems

    Those guys were supposed to play Lee down here and for whatever reason "cancelled."
  15. Miami-Dade Has the Edge over Jacksonville Teams

    We have had some decent niche QB's up here over the years. Riley Skinner from Bolles and John Wolford from BK come to mind. Both ended up at Wake Forest. But really, the last blue chip type up here was a kid at Middleburg in the late 80's/early 90's who ended up at Miami, where he kind of got lost in the shuffle down there. Name slips my mind at the moment. I am getting old.