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  1. He did a great job at JU, but they decided to run him off because no one could agree on things. Maybe that mismanagement has a lot to do with why they decided to drop football at the end of this past season.
  2. Tip of the hat to those Columbus kids. They were in the same situation last year and found a way to get it done this time.
  3. Yep, that too. Most schools are a coaching merry-go-round. Doesn't help that they are expected to coach for nothing more than teacher pay and a small stipend. Moving administrators from school to school has always been a problem with DCPS for as long as I can remember. Nothing is ever consistent. In fact, DCPS is just a complete train wreck from the top down. I guess it all contributes.
  4. Those three have been poaching talent from the Gateway schools for decades, which, except for a few instances, is one of the reasons why they do not schedule games against them. It is the number one reason why the Gateway (DCPS) schools in general have had very little success at the state level.
  5. shredstar


    Got to see the Broward Academy of Football up here earlier this year. They didn't seem to have one guy that had to be stopped, but man, they have bodies at all positions and their depth is what makes them hard for most teams to deal with. There seems to be some opportunity through the air against them....but you have to get their offense off the field first, which is a whole different issue.
  6. That's right....Fools Gold 38 Armwood 27. Who would have thunk it?
  7. Been sold on Apopka since seeing them at the BT game. Their defense is legit. Will be surprised if they don't finish the deal next weekend. Haven't seen Columbus at all this year, but I believe they have many of the same kids I saw in last year's title game. Mandarin really beat them up on the lines of scrimmage and unless something has changed, Apopka will do more of the same this year. They will never want to see that 3 seed from Region 1 again.
  8. University Christian, maybe. But I think some of their run was also in the early 90's. That would be my only guess from schools up here. Definitely not Bolles or TCA because Corky was still at Lee in the 80's and TCA's run didn't begin until the 90's.
  9. For comparison purposes, last year's Mr. Football was 209-356 for 3546 yds, 39 TD and 8 Ints. So I'd say he just isn't quite there yet.
  10. Not surprised. Rain/wind + Lee's dogshit field = very few points will be scored no matter how good or bad the defenses are When you get the ball inside the opponents 5 yard line and fail to cash it in then you probably aren't going to win, especially in those conditions.
  11. Saw the second half at BT last night. We got there late. Exactly what I thought would happen. Too much ground game. Have seen Apopka the last three years (the two Mandarin games and last night). Even though I have only a small sample size to go on, IMO they are much better this year, especially on defense. They pretty much stymied BT's offense, which no one has done all year. Would be surprised if they are not in the final in a couple of weeks.
  12. Yep. Works both ways for sure. Gainesville would be the best place. They have had them there before.
  13. Lee's defense is very good and will keep them in most any game. Their offense has to manufacture points, which is never good. If travel weren't involved I would give Lee a shot. Escambia will be the win the north for one reason only........I-10. It is the road that kills dreams. It has been that way for decades. I wish there were a stat on how teams fare having to make that trip either direction. I would bet the visiting teams have won very few of those contests.
  14. Lee's field is a complete dumpster fire. It was a dumpster fire in the 80's when we would have to play there. Hasn't changed. Maybe a coat of paint on things may help. If you have never seen "rust" colored goal posts....well, Lee has them. And it isn't paint either. Their scoreboard lights blink like a Christmas tree and the score and time change randomly. It is in desperate need of renovations to say the least.
  15. If I go to any it will be BT vs Apopka. Waiting to hear from my son. He knows a lot of people at BT so I will take him down there and for that I get to watch what should be a good game as a bonus.
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