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Rules of the Forum

Joshua Wilson

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FloridaHSFootball.com Message Board Rules

1. No criticizing or making fun of coaches, players, officials or anyone associated with a school/team that is in a negative manner and that could be found offensive.

2. If you know of a rumor and unsure about to post such a topic, contact us before doing so via email (joshua.wilson@floridahsfootball.com) or Twitter (@FlaHSFootball). Do not post or add fuel to fire of a rumor that has not been confirmed. Some rumors can be harmful to the impacted party/parties; we ask that you please keep this in mind. If you feel a rumor you have heard is accurate, please contact us and there could be a possibility we can verify the rumor through various contacts. 

3. NO UNSOLICITED ADVERTISING ALLOWED. Do NOT under any circumstances advertise for anything on these message boards that can be deemed commercial in nature. If you are posting about an event for a school/team function that is totally fine by us, but services such as a traditional place of business or internet service (i.e. recruiting services) are NOT allowed to post something that can be deemed to advertise to get people to your site. When we allow this to happen, we lose revenue. We have to pay for a variety of things that keeps this site functional, without having to charge anything for our viewers to view this site. Please respect this rule. If you see anything out of place, please report it.

4. No posting foul language. 

5. No posting anything that could fall under privacy issues such as maters involving any players. Due to so many broad laws in Florida we have to approach this topic very carefully. We understand when another source reports it, but that is a risk associated on their end that we cannot control.

6. No talking politics at all on the forums unless it is placed under the Off Topic Board. If you post in a thread that is one subject and then you start talking politics, it will be locked and/or deleted, no questions asked by the administrators or board mods. The only exception to this rule will be if talking politics relates to something going on with high school football or high school sports in general -- like a bill that is being heard or passed in a state, for example. 

7. No posting anything that is not fit to be read by a minor. We have many minors who view this board and do not want posts being created promoting strip clubs, drugs and anything else that can fall under this category. 

8. No posting in all caps. Using all caps is fine in moderation, but not an entire post or reply. Using all caps comes off as yelling in the internet world and is considered rude by many people. Please keep this in mind as you post.

9. No attacking other board members. We all have our own opinions and have the right to exercise that opinion.

10. Links to other sources are allowed, but are subject to removal if they violate any board rules or the board's administrators feel it is appropriate to remove the link. 

We reserve the right to edit/remove any post that violate the aforementioned rules! 

Thanks for your understanding of the rules!

Josh Wilson
Owner & Publisher

FloridaHSFootball.com is registered to do business in the State of Florida as Florida HS Football, LLC.


LAST UPDATED: Sept. 2, 2017


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