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    • Not sure, but Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward make up what 35-40 percent of the schools in FHSAA football wise. That is a big chunk.  I am not talking just dropping out because of positive tests. I mean a Tri-County League has been mentioned. All teams from the counties from the start if rest of the state starts on time.  Again that is extreme last resort, but it has been mentioned.  Same with just doing individual county leagues has been mentioned down here.  As for if just this year or carry over to next would depend on a lot with the virus situation. South Florida 100% will not be ready to go July 27th that is for sure.
    • Not sure who it is but I am impressed
    • I’m interested in how schools whose players come back positive and drop out of the FHSAA will decide to handle the 2021 season as well. It’s a year away, but if the pandemic is still around then, how would they restart their schedule? I believe that this pandemic will in some way change the way football at the high school level is played. I wouldn’t know about the flu 40 years ago because I’m only in my 20s, but I would assume that a long term crisis could have lasting affects on football, if not some permanent changes.
    • Proset is clearly an idiot with an ideological bias and should be ignored. You will gain nothing arguing with a fool!
    • Also, The Flu only kills about 35,000 people a year in the US. 2 years ago we had the highest total in 40 years and hit the 70,000 people keep using.  That is double the norm.   Broward superintendent came out right away after mandate and said starting 5 days a week isn't likely in Broward.  As for football, Broward just pushed back summer workouts again to the 20th.  That is likely to be moved as well.  If the FHSAA really pushes forward with the start of the season on time or even back 2 weeks don't be surprised if South Florida (outside of maybe large private schools) pulls out of FHSAA and does their own thing this year. It has been discussed.
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