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STA picks up a QB from other side of the state

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Brady Dean, son of former UF QB Terry Dean, is leaving Collier County and transferring to STA.  Here's  a link to the article. 


Here's a paragraph that I found amusing: 

"Brady Dean threw for 1,195 yards, 12 touchdowns and 11 interceptions as a sophomore last season, his first as the Lions’ starting quarterback. In December, Terry Dean received a call from a friend in the Fort Lauderdale area who is not associated with St. Thomas Aquinas but said the school is in need of a quarterback for the upcoming season."   (emphasis added).

Seriously, why would the writer of this article need to point out that the friend from Fort Lauderdale is "not associated with" STA unless someone was concerned about recruiting? 

Another part that I didn't understand: 

"Per Florida High School Athletic Association rules, the Deans were not allowed contact with Aquinas football coaches until they applied for enrollment. After they met with the staff and toured the school, Brady was sold."

So, all a kid has to do is "apply" for enrollment to a private school and then the kid and his family can have as much contact with each other as they want?  I was under the impression that a coach at a school can't have any contact with a kid unless and until that kid is enrolled.  Does that only apply to public schools? 

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This is worthy of national news?  I bet the kid is humble, but some adults obviously really wanted the world to know where he is going.  Maybe one day we will find out writers like this get bribes from parents for promoting their kids and kickbacks from private schools for giving them free advertising...just like the parents in the news now for bribing people to get their kids into college.  We all know there are some unscrupulous parents out there who would probably be willing to pay big bucks to get their kid exposure like this.  Am not saying that is the case here.      

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