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Ribault & Jefferson HC out

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    • FSU is baaaaad.    But, good for those Florida boys!
    • I think the people who thought of the running clock are probably the same people who routinely got their butts kicked when they played football. 
    • The running clock does not assure that a team will back off and avoid injuring players on the opposing team. Having officials fail to enforce the play clock during the running clock can add to the frustrations of players that are hoping to get some actual playing time late in the game, especially when it's apparent that the trailing team is making no effort to run plays in the prescribed time. I think the people who thought of the running clock are probably the same people that came up with participation awards to make every kid a "winner". 
    • I suspect the reason why there is a 'running clock' rule now is because too many times, the opposing coaches didn't see eye to eye on how many points were enough (or how many points were too many) - especially in rivalry games, or when the subs should start playing, or when timeouts should be called, or what plays are appropriate to run, etc.   To a certain extent, the running clock rule was implemented to save a coach from his own pride.  Remember a few years back?  In the third quarter, running clock was "optional" for the team that was getting beat.  It wasn't until the 4th quarter that it was mandatory.   But, too many 'old school' coaches felt like agreeing to running clock in the 3rd quarter was a sign of weakness or, as you put it, throwing in the towel.  So they refused to do it.   And the 35 point differential at the beginning of the 3rd quarter turned into a 50+ differential by the time the 3rd quarter ended.  Hurt egos are one thing.  Hurt players are another story.   I'm pretty sure that's why running clock now becomes mandatory at whatever point in the second half the difference becomes 35 or more.   At that point, it's just a matter of getting the game over with a little sooner to protect the players.  Oh, and it's worth noting that not all schools are as deep as others.  Some schools are lucky to have a full squad of second-stringers. 
    • One thing I will say about some of those 8A schools in the Orlando area is that they've either never had success or they have a student population that doesn't value football. Schools that tend to be large with a heavy population of Hispanic students tend to care more about soccer, baseball and basketball than football. It's mainly because their families didn't grow up watching football so it isn't as big of a deal. A great example is Poinciana. They are historically one of the worst football schools around but they won a State Championship in basketball a few years ago. So the athletes are on the campuses for sure. But if the programs have no history of success then the athletes see no reason to play. Another factor is the laid-back transfer rules. Now, kids can essentially consolidate talent on teams. So that also adds to some of these massive blowouts - especially when districts consist of teams like Cypress Creek being made to play teams like Osceola and Lake Nona. Of course they'll get blown out. It's going to be like that for the foreseeable future though. 
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