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Columbia vs Gainesville

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2 minutes ago, ColumbiaHighFan2017class said:

I will never stop being a columbia guy but ik that logically I may not be as involved if I go elsewhere and it would be a end of a very long run of me being around a program that I've been watching for the first 2 decades of my life and it's been in my blood

U sound like me lol. But 1 thing about it even wen i graduated i still made every game and was still heavly involved. When i moved to atlanta & texas i still made sure i followed how they did weekly. And best believe if they made it far in the playoffs or to state i was gonna b there.

I remember like yesterday in atlanta following the dillard vs MC game on score stream & havinf tears in my eyes watching my team my school not only compete and was actually leading a nationally ranked school but watching them turn a very huge corner before my very eyes.

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41-14 ended up being the final of the game 


Columbia scored with 10 seconds left to make it 47-14 but officials took play away with a penalty (a trend of questionable calls throughout the night)


Columbia kneeled on next play to end game




Overall it was clear start to finish both teams were heading in opposite directions as programs, Columbia looked much better showing balance on offense with probably strongest game from running plays I've seen all year and after a few big plays in first half, Columbia finished out the game defensively looking at top of their game and completely shut down Gainesville


Biggest concern I saw with Columbia was the injuries are starting to mount, hopefully none of the ones last night were serious injuries



For Gainesville while they are clearly struggling I did think their RB was a decent runner, not the best we have seen this year but he did look good


Gainesville looked worn down by 3rd quarter and just couldn't go a full game with a team as physical and well conditioned as Columbia



Next up Columbia travels to Boot Hill to play Madison County in what should be a significant test for this Columbia team

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