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RB Kaytron Allen - IMG

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I have not seen Allen's name on the IMG roster for this season although he was a Junior last season. Did he drop out of IMG? That would be a tremendous loss to the Avengers considering that they lost a whole bunch of talent to graduation especially QB J J McCarthy.  I do know that they will probably replace most of their starters with somewhat equal talent. However, the super players they had for the past couple of years are now gone. :unsure: 

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    • And what self-respecting school and athletic department wants to be considered a "have not"?  I don't think it would ever pass the smell test' but you're thinking outside the box; that's good. 
    • "Just once I would like to see a couple of these kids say that they are transferring to another school due to the other school having a better academic rating" I hope that you're not holding your breath waiting for that to happen.  I would love to see the FHSAA put an academic requirement on all transfers wanting to participate in athletics at the new school; say a 3.0 or a 3.5 cumulative GPA verified by the former school, or in lieu of that, a waiver by the previous school allowing the transferring student to play immediately. The only exceptions would be either (1) the student transferring as a result of his/her family physically moving to the new school's zone and the family establishing permanent residency there, (2) transferring from a private high school to his/her new school's zone where the family has established permanent residency, or (3) transferring to a private high school with eligibility based upon meeting the GPA requirement listed above. 
    • Just once I would like to see a couple of these kids say that they are transferring to another school due to the other school having a better academic rating with the fans praising them for declaring it.  Something that was the main intention behind the legislature passing the transfer ruling. 
    • If I came across the information I would because unlike some media up here I have no reason to hide it    It ain't salty, it's pointing out the incompetence of the people who want to claim transfers are only happening in SFL but this thread has shown a ton of north Florida transfers but notice the difference   The north Florida transfers for the most part have been posted either as a list or by showing a direct link to a Twitter page of the athlete while in SFL there is actually media transparent enough to report on it 
    • Don't be salty cause I'm sure if Columbia High was getting transfers you'd be telling everyone on these forums 
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