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Josh's 7A-R3 predictions.


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Tampa Bay Tech 31 over Largo
Wiregrass Ranch 17 over Palmetto
Lehigh 12 over Gaither
Mitchell 13 over Wharton

Probably looking at a 1-3 record here. Tech is gonna roll and maybe, just maybe, Lehigh can squeak one out against Gaither. My money is on Gaither though. 

There's no way in hell that Wiregrass is beating Palmetto by 17. The opposite is the more likely outcome.  

Mitchell and Wharton should be a good game, but gimme Wharton by 6.

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20 hours ago, Ray Icaza said:

To Joshua's credit his picks for all 8A regions was 100% with some discrepancy in the margin of victory.  The remaining 16 teams for Round 2 in 8A stayed true to form with no real upsets.  Let's see how he does in Round 2 forecast as things will really tightened up.

I didn't miss any 8A games either. It was certainly the easiest of classes to predict.

I didn't give Lehigh enough credit though. They steamrolled Gaither! 

Wharton handled their business against Mitchell as expected.

Palmetto completely shut down the high powered Wiregrass passing attack. I think Palmetto vs Tech will be very interesting. I'll probably pick Tech but I wouldn't count Palmetto out either way.

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