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    Yea. Fair assessment. I like the list. Escambia is the best Panhandle team, Niceville is barely slugging it out and scrapping by on wins to maintain their record. After that it gets debatable.
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    5 Teams off to Surprising Starts

    Not very often. Yes, I would agree.
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    Week 7 Pick Em Results

    I guess my 8-2 week wasn't worth a mention lol.
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    Longest Playoff Win Drought

    Pompano Beach - 1976 St. Cloud - 1980 Still 2 before them.
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    I had to pick the Rock. It's where I graduated from. You don't pick against your school. Cost me 2 picks so far.
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    It's easy to say that someone watching from the sideline or the stands and think "why is the defender making contact on a player when play is across the field?" but on the field you may not in that moment know that, you are just trying to cover the reciever and focusing on the guy you guarding so they may not realize the play has moved away from that side when they make that contact My point being is while i understand what you saying it's easy to watch the entire field when you aren't on it, when you are playing your focus should be on your assignment so if it's man to man you focus on your player your supposed to guard
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    1 Lakeland 7a (7-0) 2 St Thomas Aquinas 7a (5-0) 3 Columbia 6a (6-0) 4 South Dade 8a (6-0) 5 Armwood 7a (5-1) 6 Deerfield Beach 8a (4-2) 7 Miami Washington 4a (5-2) 8 Miami Northwestern 5a (4-2) 9 Edgewater 7a (6-1) 10 Miami Central 6a (5-2) 11 Rockledge 5a (5-1) 12 Cocoa 4a (5-1) 13 Gulliver Prep 4a (6-0) 14 Chaminade Madonna 3a (5-1) 15 Bartram Trail 8a (6-0) 16 American Heritage Plantation 5a (5-1) 17 Miami Palmetto 8a (5-1) 18 Jones 5a (5-1) 19 Vero Beach 8a (5-0) 20 Flagler Palm Coast 8a (6-0) 21 Sanford Seminole 8a (6-0) 22 Naples 6a (6-0) 23 Cardinal Gibbons 4a (4-2) 24 Atlantic Delray 7a (3-2) 25 Columbus 8a (4-2) 26 Palmetto 6a (6-0) 27 Oakleaf 8a (5-1) 28 Lake Wales 5a (6-0) 29 Escambia 6a (6-0) 30 Palm Beach Lakes 7a (5-0) 31 Western 8a (5-1) 32 Miami Carol City 4a (3-4) 33 University School 4a (5-1) 34 Dillard 6a (7-0) 35 Trinity Christian 3a (3-4) 36 Wakulla 5a (7-0) 37 Dunnellon 5a (6-0) 38 Apopka 8a (4-1) 39 Plantation 7a (6-0) 40 Lakewood 4a (7-0) 41 Viera 7a (3-2) 42 Deland 8a (3-2) 43 Niceville 7a (7-0) 44 Raines 5a (3-2) 45 North Marion 5a (5-1) 46 Bishop Verot 3a (6-0) 47 Champagnat Catholic 2a (4-2) 48 Vanguard 5a (3-2) 49 Osceola 8a (5-1) 50 Madison County 1a (5-2) Next (30) in no specific order Mainland 6a (2-3) Pine Forest 5a (3-2) Ribault 5a (2-2) Fleming Island 7a (5-0) Spruce Creek 8a (3-2) Pensacola Catholic 3a (6-0) Robert E Lee 6a (4-2) Ponte Vedra 6a (5-1) Lincoln 7a (4-2) Bolles 4a (5-1) Sarasota Riverview 8a (4-2) Lake Gibson 6a (6-0) Gaither 6a (6-0) Victory Christian 2a (6-0) Dr Phillips 8a (4-2) Jesuit 5a (4-2) Treasure Coast 8a (5-0) Steinbrenner 8a (6-0) Charlotte 6a (5-1) Bloomingdale 7a (5-1) Miramar 7a (4-3) McArthur 7a (3-2) American Heritage Delray 4a (4-2) Fort Myers 6a (5-2) Barron Collier 6a (4-2) Palm Beach Gardens 8a (5-1) Glades Central 4a (4-3) South Fort Myers 6a (5-1) North Fort Myers 6a (5-1) Calvary Christian 3a (7-0)
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    That was certainly unsportsmanlike conduct by that Centennial Coach. Once again, how can the high school children be expected to act in a civil matter when the "adult" coaches cannot?
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    State Title Trivia Question

    It is Pahokee and Carol City. Carol City was winning titles back in the 1970's.
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    In terms of judgement how often do we see PI calls away from the play that late in the game? I would have to think most officials will let the game play out and avoid throwing a flag on a PI call in that situation if it has no impact on the play
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    5 Teams off to Surprising Starts

    Hwy17, if a pass interference foul is away from the play, it might be a personal foul but is usually not pass interference. Again, it depends on the judgment of the official.
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    Purple and Gold Tiger Stripes man, I would agree with your statement. The non-player safety foul away from the point-of-attack would not be ignored, but that foul would probably not be penalized either. Possibly, a warning to the player committing the foul to be careful.
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    5 Teams off to Surprising Starts

    Hwy17, uncatchable is NOT a factor when determining a pass-interference foul in NFHS rules.
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    Clock Question

    Perspective, the referee just has to use his/her best judgment. It is usually very obvious anyway, when a team is attempting to consume or conserve time. I could count the number of times on one hand that the referee has had to actually enforce this rule, it is very rare. A big part of being a game official is using the best judgment, and trying to apply common-sense, logical reasoning to any decision. I am sure that your father, the basketball official, would agree.
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    State Title Trivia Question

    North Florida Christian Carol City
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    Great talent does not necessarily equate to great teams.
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