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  1. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to Jesse in Thoughts - Sandalwood vs Trinity Catholic   
    He big mad Columbia lost. He need to show up and say 1A madison owns Columbia 
  2. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to Perspective in Ponte Vedra Coach Steps Down   
    In other words, DarterBlue wants the inside scoop!  He wants to know what the F is going on!! 
  3. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to nolebull813 in 2021-2022 FHSAA District Realignment   
    Do you guys keep shipping non football players to that charter school to keep MadCos “enrollment” under 600? 
  4. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to Jesse in Trinity christian   
    Donut high-school is located in Lake city florida. Its a 6A school mascot tigers.
  5. Thanks
    muckboy561 reacted to Joshua Wilson in Upgrade to the Forums   
    And the update is done!
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    muckboy561 reacted to Joshua Wilson in Upgrade to the Forums   
    An upgrade to the forums is going to be happening shortly. I want to get the software updated to the latest version so we can continue to have the best forums in the state. 
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    muckboy561 got a reaction from Jesse in 2020 Pahokee Schedule   
  8. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to Jesse in 2020 Pahokee Schedule   
    Madison won is hunter never coming back.  Columbia is a donut.  0-3 no excuse.  Hawthorne would beat Columbia.  Blown out by Florida high.  
  9. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to VeniceIndiansFootball in Treasure Coast vs Vero beach   
    If he’s such an offensive genius then why has Vero only scored a combined 14 points in their past 2 playoff losses? Jankowski is a complete tool. He schedules cupcakes in the regular season and then wonders why his teams underperform when the playoffs come. They haven’t won their region in 22 years and their last state championship came 39 years ago. The regular season is all they have to brag about. Maybe if Coach J grew a spine and scheduled either IMG or a strong South Florida team like STA or Miami Central, Vero would be better equipped for the speed and physicality that teams like Dr. Phillips and Deerfield bring. It’s a shame. 
  10. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to “PANTHER NATION(CODE BLUE) in Apopka single wing clips   
    I would love for us to run that offense since having no true qb is wat we excel in lol
  11. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to OldSchoolLion in Noles Hitting Rock Bottom ...or More to Fall?   
    1. Gators
    2. Canes
    3. UCF
    4. USF
    5. FAU
    6. FIU
    7. IMG
    8. ST Thomas Aquinas
    9(tie). FSU
    9.(tie) Madison County 
  12. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to HornetFan in Noles Hitting Rock Bottom ...or More to Fall?   
    The Noles will be back, though it will take a couple of years. Wille Taggert was a disaster as a pick for the head coach position. He was mediocre at USF, and unproven in a short stint in Oregon. FSU deserved a better coach. Now, they have a coach that can lead then back to the top, but it will take a coupe of recruiting classes to get there. I'm not a big FSU fan, but I always admired their quality of play. They'll be back.
  13. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to OldSchoolLion in Playoffs   
    Did anyone else think of this when they read the title of the thread?
  14. Thanks
    muckboy561 got a reaction from KeemD321 in Columbiafan remember this post?   
    Good pick
  15. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to KeemD321 in Columbiafan remember this post?   
    Florida High 30 Madison 14
    Jesse messaged me tellin me to stop trollin because I picked Florida High lmao. Even said he would leave the board if Madison loss since I said they aren't unbeatable lmao. I might've loss more games than expected this week but that was my turning point game lol.
  16. Thanks
    muckboy561 reacted to Joshua Wilson in Central, Northwestern opting in... Columbus, Booker T. opting out   
    Well hat tip my colleague Adam Lichtenstein at the Sun-Sentinel for getting the scoop on what Miami-Dade is doing. Most of their schools are opting out. Only five schools are in including only two of the four defending champs are opting in.
    Other schools opting in include Homestead, Edison and Miami Palmetto.
  17. Sad
    muckboy561 reacted to 561_Fan in 561 (Public) Football   
    No playoffs for public schools either
  18. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to badbird in FSU   
    Columbiafan are they still in your top 25?
  19. Like
    muckboy561 reacted to OldSchoolLion in Smh   
    I read this team has had this name for many decades.  Apparently the name is deeply rooted in the area's history.  
    Pompano Beach High used to be known as the Beanpickers.  Cairo, GA, the home town of Jackie Robinson, is still known as the Syrupmakers.  That mascot was lauded by ESPN.  Look up some of the old labels used by companies from that area and you might be surprised and/or offended by the stereotyping of African Americans.
    There are quite a few team names out there that stereotype. Do a search for offensive mascots on the internet and you might be surprised.  
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    muckboy561 reacted to Perspective in Smh   
    Sometimes, words or symbols that were perfectly innocent when first coined or used inadvertently become inappropriate later in time because of some intervening acts.   Take the swastika, for example.   This symbol pre-dated its use by Nazi Germany by many years (if not decades).  But, because a very hateful person and political party used it in the 1930's and 40's, it has come to symbolize hate, prejudice and the sins and atrocities of Hitler and Nazi Germany.  
    Similarly, the restaurant chain "Sambo's" recently decided to change its name based on current racial overtones, even though the original name of the restaurant innocently was based on the names of the two founders:  Sam and Bo. 
    We're seeing similar changes being made across the nation to names and logos ranging from sports teams to pancake syrup. 
    In the case of Robstown High School, it sounds like the "Cottonpickers" name/mascot has a perfectly innocent, if not proud, origin.  However, it would be hard to argue that the term doesn't currently have racial overtones. 
    Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that you did nothing wrong and that circumstances have now rendered your name or mascot 'offensive' to a portion of the population.   When this happens, you have two choices:  bite the bullet and change the name/logo or, alternatively, dig your feet in and, over time, be perceived as racist even if you're not. 
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    muckboy561 reacted to DarterBlue2 in Smh   
    Given the country's past, I stridently disagree with Nolebull's take. 
  22. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to Silver King in Venice vs IMG tonight   
    How did it end? Last I  heard Venice was getting thumped down 21-0 in first quarter, did they mount a come back?
  23. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to VeniceIndiansFootball in Venice vs IMG tonight   
    So IMG is traveling to play Venice tonight at 8:pm on national TV. Who do you all have winning this game? I’ve got Venice because IMG has a new head coach and they have some new starters, while Venice returns everything except for the o line.
  24. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to HornetFan in Smh   
    Maybe "Nosepicker" was already taken.
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    muckboy561 reacted to Just A Coach in Smh   
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