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  1. No one talking about Lake Gibson losing on the road to Lowndes? That's no insult, but that team full of talent (from across Polk) is now 0 and 2?
  2. Trying to get a feel for who will win in 3A. Might be the most competitive state game? CM beating Berkely Prep was expected, but what does it say about it being so close? Coach Ciao does such a good job of eating clock, with a power running game, and then playing mistake free, no big plays on defense, that they probably stole some possessions from CM and the big play Miami speed. But to be within a field goal?? I watched Trinity Catholic beat Gainesville, and haven't seen an offensive line that huge and dynamic since Ely 2002 (Tyrone Moss anyone?). Not just the THREE SEC recruits (name another OL in the nation that can match that), but the huge TE and the sophomore kid, who was as good looking as the other 3. Plus the TB, Samuel... Kid was powerful. A qb whose dad is an SEC coach? I couldn't believe they lost any games with that offense. Never seen such a potentially imposing ground game. So then they get smacked around by TC? So does that makes TC unbeatable? Proseteyes and a TC supporter on here can speak to this maybe? There is a 3A fan named Jessica who has good intel, but I'm not sure she's around anymore.
  3. Not a fan. The possible benefits do not outweigh, what to me might be the worst situation. It seems like a knee-jerk reaction, that appears to satisfy an issue, but really can make no guarantees. I wonder how many years of data they researched, past seasons at ALL levels? Did they truly see that there were numerous years where reseeding might have prevented blowouts? Is this true in over half of the classifications, or just the ones with a louder fan base? Did they look at how many times a reseed would generate the type of travel that diminishes the overall experience for both teams? Do we believe that the point system really does the best job of seeding teams? It's supposed to be objective, but we've all seen the discrepancies. I looked at 2019 3A #'s as a for instance. Here some concerns with the RPI's determining a rank. 1. Of the top 10 RPI's the four semi-finalists were ranked # 4, 6, 7 & 10. In other words, the top 3 teams DID not even make it into the State Semi's. Does that validate this system's ability to predict the best teams? Or is it proof that the RPI #'s are still just an educated guess. Do we restructure travel based on a guess? 2. The overwhelmingly best team (Cham.-Mad) was a 4 seed. So the system we are relying on to determine who these good teams are, proved it's worth by giving them a 4 seed? Allow a "for instance" - the #1 seed, based on RPI, was Pensacola Catholic. Let's say that the RPI #'s were on target, and that the top 4 teams all made the state semi's. Then the team, we all know was the best in 3A (and maybe 4A, 5A, etc?), would have to travel 9.5 hours/659 miles to play the "1 seed." 3. My biggest concern is that when these extra long travel times are generated, it will cause some real issues with the visiting team. Money is tight for many families. So IF they travel their expenditures will increase exponentially. Gas, meals, hotels; plus a day off of work? Will Auntie or Uncle Ted make the trip? Will the student body travel - 17 year-old kids driving home 9.5 hours on a Friday? The elderly community that supports these kids all season? The current system isn't perfect, but it does allow for the games to be relatively close. I'm sorry, but I'd pump the brakes here. I also like to remind myself that this is the FHSAA were talking about. And I am usually skeptical that those folks do things well.
  4. 1A schools are usually much larger than 2A, and even 3A schools. Why they chose the #'s (1A, 2A, 3A, etc.) the way they did is so perfectly "FHSAA." (a synonym for careless). So by the #'s, they should be a TD above. That's similar to saying 4A schools are a TD favorite over 3A schools. Would you agree? Class 3A: 749 - 377; Class 2A: 376 - 56; Class 1A (rural): 600 – 100
  5. State lost a fine coach to retirement today. Bill Kramer retired after 22 years as head coach at Naples High. Won a title in '01 (first in SW Florida) & '07, at a school that had two winning sessions in the previous 16 years. Sent lots of kids into better lives, many of which were able to play football at another level, with a few in the league still today. Put Christ first, and was humble enough to see his flaws. Great family man, who has been a tremendous mentor to many a coach.
  6. Once the bracket comes out next Sunday, do they stay fixed for the duration of the regional tournament? Or does the higher seed always play the lower seed, as each round occurs. Example - in the lower divisions, if the 6 seed beats the 3 seed, will the 1 seed play the 6 seed, or play the winner of the 4/5 game? The web site doesn't seem to cover this.
  7. Correct with Cocoa. The other is Victory Christian. The only two schools in the state of Florida to play in a State semi-final game in each of the last 6 years (2013-2018).
  8. Another way to look at this is to look at state semi final appearances. Keeping in mind that 1A-4A had one less round for a few years, now changed back to a possible five rounds, only two teams in all of Florida have been in the last six state semi final games. Can you name them?
  9. Missing from the list is Victory Christian (2A Lakeland) ** been to last 6 state semi-finals (lost finals in '13 & won in '14); only other team in Florida to be in last 6 semi's is Cocoa.
  10. A "Snitch' turned in the girls at Bartow MS, and possibly prevented a 10 year-old girl from being stabbed & eaten. Can't stand it when people use the word "snitch" with disdain, because they think it's okay to break rules as long as you're scary enough to keep people from turning you in. You're not making the world a better place.
  11. Victory Christian's jamboree with Pasco HS & new football-playing school, Superior Collegiate, is looking for a replacement team for Superior - who has dropped out. Game will be played at Southeastern University's beautiful turf stadium/facility on May 19th. Schools interested in joining in, please contact new coach Rayburn Greene @ rgreene@victorylakeland.org
  12. For those who were at the track & field championships this year - one day event at IMG - we know how AWFUL this will be. You will be run into the stadium & run out, like on an assembly line. The T&F meet was just terrible....congrats kid, now get out of the way, we have another race to run. Officials screaming at these athletes (who earned the right to shine in a state competition) to hurry up, etc. Earning the right to play for a state championship will be seriously cheapened by the practice of this idea.
  13. Any news - confirmation; reasons; etc.? Rumor is their game with some team called Jordan Christian Prep, is cancelled.
  14. Gentlemen, We have immediate openings for secondary teaching at Victory Christian in Lakeland, FL. Teaching and coaching at Victory is a Christ-centered mission, we are not perfect, but our goal is to live a life that serves to glorify Christ. Any applicant should consider this before making contact. All applicants should respond by email to tlewis@victorylakeland.org with resume and references. SECONDARY MATH TEACHER – Certified (and/or qualified) for grades 6-12. Subjects include pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and algebra 2. SECONDARY SCIENCE TEACHER – Certified (and/or qualified) for grades 6-12. Subjects include chemistry and biology. SECONDARY ENGLISH TEACHER – Certified (and/or qualified) for grades 6-12. SECONDARY SOCIAL STUDIES – Certified (and/or qualified) for grades 6-12. VARSITY BASEBALL COACH – Full time with teaching position or Adjunct Coach afterschool. ASSISTANT FOOTBALL COACH– Full time with teaching position or Adjunct Coach afterschool.
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