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  1. Going to be an interesting game. This may be the 2nd best Niceville team put on the field. Would have to dig into the archives and compare stats, film etc. But it will be a tough challenge on the road for Niceville
  2. Host all games in Lake City now for neutral site playoffs?
  3. FSU is baaaaad. But, good for those Florida boys!
  4. At least I just graduated from FSU so I don't have to see bad football anymore in person. But on a serious note: I"d give Norvell time to fix the ship and build a program. I wasn't going into this with super huge expectations.
  5. Was watching a stream through other means, and yea that NFHS stream was bad. Someone find another camera operator.
  6. Any teams going to flip coins?
  7. Yea. Fair assessment. I like the list. Escambia is the best Panhandle team, Niceville is barely slugging it out and scrapping by on wins to maintain their record. After that it gets debatable.
  8. What if Gainesville takes it to overtime? Would you retire still?
  9. That bad huh? I actually don't know anything about Gainesville's team.
  10. Niceville and Navarre going to be interesting. Niceville Defense maybe tough for the Raiders to stop. Raiders have given up more points than Niceville too. A marquee match up in the Panhandle.
  11. Currently #1 in the Panhandle. But this week's match will determine what happens.
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