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#25 Cardinal Gibbons v #13 Am. Heritage: CG2 AHP 21 FINAL


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Two top 25 teams battling it out

Gibbons cant convert inside AHP 5, turnover on downs. Next play, big push by CG D and they come away with a safety. That was the difference in the 1st quarter.

CG 2 AHP 0 2nd quarter.


5:30 left in quarter, AHP offense struggles. CG blocks punt. takes over with ball just outside the 20.

Gibbons amped up now. Home crowd making some noise.


CG struggles to punch it in. Turns over the ball inside AHP 10. AHP finally moving the ball against the stout CB D.

AHP with ball at midfield, 2 minutes

Drives down to to CG 8 calls timeout. 2 plays later QB sneak powers it in from the 1. PAT good.

37 seconds lift in half, CG 2 AHP 7

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  • ExplorerHomer2 changed the title to #25 Cardinal Gibbons v #13 Am. Heritage: HALFTIME CG2 AHP 7

AHP starting to look like AHP. Puts together a nice drive. 20 yard reception for 7. AHP extends lead in mid 3rd quarter, 14 2

Gibbons with too many unforced errors. Several false starts, only to get inside the AHP 11 and on 1st and forces a throw. Picked off by AHP, returned to the AHP 34. AHP driving.

CG D looking tired, some poor tackling and AHP is now knocking on the door again with their rungame just outside red zone. 5:30 left in the game.

With 4:35 left AHP puts up another 7. Should be the ball game. Patriots just wore down Gibbons D.

Gibbons turns ball over on downs. Two horrible snaps, some sloppy play. Gibbons offense looks out of sorts. Partially morale, partially solid AHP defense. AHP in victory formation.

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  • ExplorerHomer2 changed the title to #25 Cardinal Gibbons v #13 Am. Heritage: CG2 AHP 21 FINAL
16 hours ago, Jullian said:

When you’re within the 15 yd line 4 X’s & score 0 points, you deserve to lose. The center for Gibbons alone helped lose the game. They’ll meet again in Reg 3, 2m post season. 

…..Let me say this in light of my above post: The “more balanced offensive team” won. AH QB, 2 RB’s, Star receiver & Co, & huge powerful OL were better in every way. The DL pressure was present from the first snap to the last( see center trouble above). All this is what gives AH a chance vs Central, what will essentially be the “state championship game”, in the state semi. You’ll never beat Central being one dimensional, never. Plus SOS will probably have AH @home vs Central. 

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