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Top 10 by class

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Last time I check they still gonna have a 7A playoffs


I also find it humorous how everyone on this board thought this year was gonna be cut and dry and when I said otherwise no one beilived me


Miami central



West Orange






What all these teams have in common?


They all expected to do well and have all struggled and some may miss playoffs








Baker County


Lake Gibson



All teams that never got mentioned and they appear to be heading to the playoffs


Shows never ever, EVER assume that football is cut and dry


Just for future reference ;)

How did Miami Central or TCA struggled? Just happen Central district is tough and lost 2 district game and would wax 6 or 7 teams on your top 10 in 7a and TCA don't seem to be struggling to me... I'm going by facts and what the eyes see... Besides the 2 Dade county teams that you have rank, who would win the district Central is in? Cause they not making the playoffs doesn't mean they shouldn't be rank.... It's like saying Ohio State just lost , NCAA shouldn't rank them cause as we see it their not making the college playoffs.... But it is your ranking tho....

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You rank them in the top 10 because they are one of the best 10 teams. If you don't rank them you aren't ranking teams by who is the best you are ranking them on who will play last and that is stupid.


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Did a single person on this board say they would lose 3 regular season games this year?


May be good teams but right now you can make the argument TCA not even the favorite


What I find funny though is I had central off my list last week but no one said anything then

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Usually when you post your rankings you say let me know what you think. If you don't won't our opinion then why the hell are you posting them?

There a difference between saying a opinion about what you all think about it and just saying I don't know anything and that my rankings are stupid


I ask for opinion so I can take your all thoughts into it so I can have something to think about when I do future rankings or even update my current rankings but just saying my rankings are stupid provides no insight to it and doesent help me make the rankings better

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Ultimately rankings mean nothing especially your rankings. Number 1 in each class will be decided on the field.

No duh


But of course this board would not be very active if we only talk about the 8 teams who finish as champs


The reason this board is active is we talk about teams as if everyone of them have a shot and despite how much of a favorite some teams are they are not locked in as champs in October anything can happen in the next 6 weeks or so on the season

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Columbiafan it would probably be better to label your rankings "Top 10 playoff ranking by class" because if you merely say your making a ranking of the class that is inclusive of every team regardless of playoff implication.

That might be a good idea and would make more sense


Thanks for the advise

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