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My team just lost in the most heartbreaking way possible


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Up 21-14 with about 30 seconds left and the other team is out of timeouts and facing 4th and 43 from their 40.  They call timeout and throw a hail mary that our guys jumped up in the air and batted it right to their WR and they convert.  They then run up and score with 1.1 seconds left.  We then had a personal foul after the score and it moves the ball to the 1 for their XP so they decide to go for 2 and get it.  The team was 3-0 and they were 2-0 so it would've been a nice win and PHU has never been 4-0 in its history.  I just don't know how a team can recover from this?  My son couldn't sleep last night.

Edit: I meant the other team used their final timeout right before the hailmary

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Losses like that hurt deeply. But there are as much a part of the game, as they are a part of life. Taken the right way, and after putting it into perspective, your son can take positives from this.

PHU is still 3-1. Even if this was a district game, you are certainly not eliminated from the playoffs. There is much that can still be accomplished over the course of this season. 

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