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Surpises this year (good or bad)?


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57 minutes ago, PinellasFB said:

Good:  Palm Harbor U. 5-1 (6-0 if they could defend a hail mary), Tarpon Springs (4-1)

Bad:  MNW (wtf), Lakewood (wtf), Kissimmee Osceola (injuries+tough schedule)

Multiple injuries plus the extremely tough 5 opening games are a big part of our record.  I think in retrospect, the QB transfer from Suwannee HS (6'3", 180 lbs. with strong arm) that was ranked highly coming in created uncertainty at the position where during the initial 3 games he split time with a little 5'10, 145 lbs. sophomore who eventually beat him out.  We had no consistency or identity on offense with not only our star RB sidelined recovering from surgery, but most of his backups also hurt (season ending shoulder injury to the #2, broken hand to the #3 and concussion to the #4).  All but one are now back, the QB issue is behind us and with a bye week coming we can continue to improve our offensive efficiency both running and passing for the remainder of the season.  Our defense has played lights out but have had to be on the field far too long because of the lack of any offense.   Seems like Apopka has a similar problem with offensive production without their starting QB who has now returned and the defense can only hold up so long as evidenced in their last 2 outings.  As some have commented, it could be that Gainesville Bucholtz is in the drivers seat for 4S, but I haven't seen them play so can't really agree or disagree.  In my estimation, it appears more to be wide open in 4S with many very good teams and no single overwhelmingly dominant team/teams.  Treasure Coast squeaks by Seminole at home and shortly after Seminole pounds Vero at their place.  You would think TC would be favored vs Vero based on common opponents when they play at seasons end but I would be hesitant to put money on that even though TC is home.  Same can be said for Lakeland, Bartram Trail, Manatee, Venice and several others that haven't shown to date that consistency of excellence that a championship team normally has.  When you throw in SOS or lack of it, home field, how the "Matchups" play out, etc..... It's a Crap Shoot in 4S!

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