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Ray Icaza

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Each team played a full half against each other for a total of 3 halves so obviously a long night.  Rules did include no kickoff or punt returns and my guess is each team was missing a few key players.   I know we were down 3 D-lineman and 3 Linebackers including two starters but we do have a little depth although young and inexperienced.  All in all, teams looked pretty good and should be of playoff quality.  We started off with Edgewater for the first half and they moved the ball very effectively against our defense but could not complete those two early drives for points.  After that we were pretty dialed in to what they were running and were able to pitch a shutout for the half.  We started slow offensively, but managed to improve as the half went on.  Finally, got about a 50 yard run from Taevion Swint which was the difference maker in that half......7-0 OHS Kowboys.  

In the second half between Edgewater and Deland the Eagles came right out of the gate with a monster run for a touchdown on the very first play.  Both teams showed some good things but Deland hurt themselves with self inflicted errors  ........ dropped pass for TD, INT, fumble, etc.. so was unable to put up points the entire half despite good QB play.  Edgewater managed another TD and FG to end that half victorious .......16-0.

In the final half between Deland and OHS, the Bulldogs showed some good things but turnovers, self inflicted errors cost them again.  OHS managed two scores on great long runs from Taevion Swint who had a monster night.  Final score was OHS 14-0. 

Final thought was that our local media has really been building up the Edgewater star Semaj Fleming and he is an excellent player.  But those who sat in those stands tonight could see that Taevion is back and he is definitely the better player.   Everyone have a great summer and look forward to the upcoming season.  

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1 hour ago, Longtime Observer said:

Sounds like a good night for the Kowboys! It is a bit suprising to see Sexy Beast's offense shut out for the night, but those are probably two really good defenses he had to face.

They managed to move the ball fairly well against both teams as the QB made good decisions with his feet and his arm but errors cost them.  In the Edgewater game with the score 7-0 Deland moved the ball right down the field and the QB hit a wide open receiver in stride from about 20 yards out and he dropped it for which should have been a sure score.  They had some other miscues against both teams that would have probably put points on the board, just wasn't their night. I think our defense has a chance to be extremely good again this year despite losing a half dozen very good players to area teams like Jones, DP, The First Academy and even Poinciana.  We did manage an excellent transfer from St. Cloud HS that will be a great addition to our O-line, 6'6" 290 lbs. Connor Howes who is eligible starting on June 1.   Wouldn't read too much into the scores as this was a Jamboree and the work over the next 3 months will tell the story.  

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