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1A State Championship (Basketball)

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Congratulations to Madison County for winning their first state championship in boys basketball.

Question: Does anybody know why the Wildwood Player got T'd up with 7 seconds left to allow Madison County to shoot two free throws in win the game?

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5 hours ago, Muckcitypride1 said:

You DO NOT CALL A FOUL IN THAT INSTANCE!!!!! Let the 4 seconds play out and pull the kid to the side and explain to him that he can't do that. Swallow your whistle ref and your pride!!!!

Muck, are you saying that the refs shouldn't have called a foul on the drive/shot by the Wildwood player or that they shouldn't have T'd up the Wildwood player for arguing the no-call?   I suspect the latter.   Here's the thing:  I wasn't at the game.  I didn't see the game.  I don't know what, if anything, had happened prior to that last play.  To me, it looked like the Wildwood player got bumped a little just as he caught the full-court pass and that, as a result, he was a little off balance when he went up for his shot.  That said, if there was a time for the ref to swallow his whistle, it may have been then (the no-call on the drive) - especially with the amount of contact that occurred back at the other end on the shot/rebound.    For all I know, however, the Wildwood kid who missed the layup had complained about prior calls/no-calls earlier in the game and perhaps even been warned by the refs.  The final time may have been the straw that broke the camel's back.  Who knows?    But, I'm guessing that when the Wildwood kid threw his arms up in exasperation, one of the magic no-no words came out of his mouth.  Perhaps one that starts with "bull" and ends with "hit."   Just guessing. 

Having no skin in the game whatsoever, I'd hate to lose a game this way, especially a state championship game.   And good refs (i.e., the ones who typically get assigned the championship games) tend to give the kids a little leeway in emotional moments.  But, at times they're left with no choice but to assess the technical foul when the conduct is blatant and obvious to everyone. 

All that said, I think we need to be careful about putting the blame on an official  for a mistake made by a player.  Did the official miss the call on the lay up?  Possibly.  But the player overreacted and/or said one of the words that you just can't say. 

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I'm saying that a game SHOULDN"T BE DECIDED THAT WAY!!!!!!! If the kid stepped on the officials feelings, pull that kid to the side and let him know what is expected of him and the sportsmanship that he should display, BUT you DO NOT call a technical foul!!!! What that ref did was punish a whole team, high school, and city for one INNAPPROPRIATE action!!!! It would've been easier to let the game play out and talk to the kid after the horn, I bet the kid would've heard him, now the kid will look at the officials as villains for the rest of his life!!! 

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