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    • Dallas was also on the practice squad of the 2008 Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. I remember running into him in the Supermarket once, and he had both his NC and SB rings on.  I suggested that he might consider locking those rings up in a safe somewhere. lol
    • And to answer your question yes they probably would have cancelled it but I also seem to remember the Numbers not being as bad as they are now either    I do think if it was any sport but football they would have cancelled a month ago and not even be attempting to move the sports around to save it, they would just call it a day and sit back hoping the next sports season would be ready to go 
    • Or maybe the FHSAA needs to face reality   A state series isn't gonna happen, move on! They don't even have a site for 5/8 of the Championships and no damn city gonna bid for hosting in the middle of a virus    Cancel state series and try to get some games in November and December hopefully and then move on to the next season (winter)    Hopefully things will be cleared up by then so winter and spring can have a season as scheduled  
    • Then why is the idea on the table of flipping the seasons? That's what shows they view it as disposable   You know dang well if they do that it will only be a matter of time before those sports get cancelled for 2 straight years just so they can hope to get a football season without trouble in the spring    It sucks but blame the people in the state for not taking the virus seriously, if football can't go in the fall then either run the seasons cocurrently in the spring or cancel it but flipping the seasons is nothing more than exposing that only one sport matters to most of the state which is funny because most fanbases do a crappy job supporting the sport anyway as evidenced by vastly lower numbers at regular season, postseason and state championship games compared to bordering states and the poor pay in the state     
    • Let's change it for a second... if football was a spring sport during the time of COVID, do you think they would have canceled the season like they did with baseball/softball... If you think they would have canceled it, it isn't about baseball/softball being disposable, it is about the health and safety of the students. Honestly, they canceled proms, musicals, and graduations were done as drive thrus in some communities. To think they would not have canceled football during spring is silly.  The reality is that it sucked for all of those students, nobody thinks otherwise. But to be so petty to say that well then football and basketball shouldn't have a season because the last season of spring sports didn't happen is foolish. Nobody wanted to cancel those seasons and due to when those seasons occur during the school year it is what is going to happen.  The FHSAA and school districts need to do everything possible to make sure that same thing doesn't occur to this year's student (even if it is a truncated season for everyone). 
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