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Joshua Wilson

Week 3 Pick'ems and Week 2 Results/Winner

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Alright everyone...


The Week 3 Pick'ems are now up....20 games to choose from


LINK: http://floridahsfootball.com/forums/index.php?app=pickems&do=games&pid=4&wid=15


As for the Week 2 winner....


Well myself and De Cleater (two weeks in a row for him) won on the picks from Week 2 with 14 of 19 (game #20 was Trinity/Warner that got washed out)


So with that I want to allow others a chance to win and since De Cleater got his FREE month on the MVP Subscriptions going. I want to someone else to have a chance to get in on the winning.


So with that said there were four of you all that tied for third place with 13 correct picks.


With that said, in order to break this tie I need fcbuc, BrowardHandicapper, muckboy561 and nolebull813 to email me their exact picks as they input them for last week. I will be checking for correct pick total...so the 13 correct picks need to be shown...it goes over or under then you will be out of the tiebreaker. I trust you all to be honest with me on this. 


I will take a look at all of the games you all missed on (except Osceola at Lake Mary which everyone missed on) and compare them up...who ever fair the best in terms of all combined missed games by you four will win the Week 2 Pick'em. With that said, being up front with who you picked on your correct 13 and who you missed on the others will go a long way. 


Here are the Week 2 Results

Joshua Wilson - 14

De Cleater - 14

fcbuc - `13

BrowardHandicapper - 13

muckboy561 - 13

nolebull813 - 13

(No Name) - 12


gwdrum75 - 12

Joker99 - 11

STARaiders2014 - 11

Gridiron8 - 10

Tigerfan1 - 10

Cat_Scratch - 8

09mrslick - 6


Here are the Overall Standings

1. De Cleater - 29

2. Joshua Wilson - 27

(tie) muckboy561 - 27

4. nolebull813 - 26

5. gwdrum75 - 25

6. Tigerfan1 - 24

7. Gridiron8 - 23


(tie) Joker99 - 21

(tie) STARaides2014 - 21

11. fcbuc - 13

(tie) BrowardHandicapper - 13

(tie) lardbrick -13

(tie) LecantoFootball - 13

15 (NO NAME) - 12

(tie) 09mrslick - 12

17. rust321 - 11

18. Cat_Scratch - 8 

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I have only received an email from muckboy561 in regards to the tiebreaker...all other mentioned above need to send me an email with your picks from last week by 5 PM ET tomorrow or muckboy561 will automatically win the Week 2 picks!


Best of luck to everyone this week!

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Just tried to separate this out...turns out of the five games (not including Osceola-Lake Mary) you all missed on two exacts still resulting in a tie...so both of you and BrowardHandicapper will win for Week 2.


I will get with you all during the weekend to get you all setup on the subscription.

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Hey guys...I am running short handed...95 percent of what you all see on the site right now is all me and it might be this way for the rest of the season. So please bear with me. I try to pick games each week based upon matchup...I don't preset a list because I feel it would just waste my time when those matchups are likely to change. Thanks for your understanding here.

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